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RespectMets_small   What a great sign of respect this was on Terry's part. The final out was just recorded, the Mets won and the offseason was just beginning. Terry trotted out, tossed some balls up to our crew and tipped his cap. The 2014 season was now officially over. Photographer Brian Sokoloff was also in the stands that day. He snapped this moment and I've since had it blown up for my office. I stare at it every single day. This photo shows much more than just Terry and his nice gesture. It shows hundreds of passionate fans equally excited to share this moment together. Clapping, pointing, smiling and genuinely thrilled. This is what The 7 Line Army is all about. Those faces inspire me to do what I do. A small handful of fans are also tipping their caps back. This has stood out to me the most lately. Terry doesn't know any of us, but he appreciates our consistent loyalty both at home and on the road.

Here's an idea.

Let's do this together on Opening Day. 860 of us standing after the ceremonial first pitch and tipping our caps to our team. Our players. Our coaches. It's great to be there with family and friends, but we are really there for the team. It would be a great sign of respect and support. We'll end it with a massive LET'S GO METS chant to officially get the 2015 season started. Dumb? Cool? Sure, why not? What do ya think?


  • I think the Mets players, coaches and manager would really appreciate that gesture. I think it is a great idea. But why do this only on Opening Day? Why not do this at every home game? I’m sure you’re aware of the Bleacher Bums at Yankee Stadium who do a shout out to every defensive position player at Yankee home games in the top of the first inning.

    Phil Konigsberg on
  • Awesome !!! Must do this.

    Michael Hennessy on
  • Great idea. Def need something to pump everyone up for the start of a new season.

    Melissa La Cour on
  • great idea …the 7line army keeps growing every year and soon the whole stadium will be full of us …greatest fans in the world are Mets fans …

    l on
  • Sounds like a really cool idea.

    Kevin on
  • It’s just another sign of class bestowed upon this franchise by The7LineArmy. I’m all in!!

    Rob Savage on
  • An awesome idea!. :)

    Eusebio Arroyo on
  • I like the idea. I’ll probably be doing it from my own seat at the stadium where ever I get mine. Or I might join you guys right behind you. I agree. A great sign of respect for a team we’re all passionate about.

    Brian Klejsmyt on
  • I love the idea, I’m down

    Betsy on
  • Will be there in spirit, very cool of them to recognize the 7 Line!

    Anahid on

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