Bronx Invasion 3

BronxInvasion3   FRIDAY APRIL 24th YANKEE STADIUM 7pm Ok guys. Here's the deal. The reason we made the decision to hold off on the sale was because of an inventory issue. We anticipate these tickets moving pretty fast and the number of seats we could have secured was in question. We didn't want to risk the chance of having to refund tickets and disappoint any fans after the fact. That would have been an absolute nightmare! Moving to a lower section, and taking over the "short porch" would have been epic, but it's just not going to work out. Unfortunately there are just too many of those seats already taken by other fans and plan holders. Being a Friday night game, these are very sought after tickets and getting us the whole thing just wasn't possible. We could have pulled the trigger and taken the available tickets anyway, but we would have had to split up between 5 different sections. Also, the seats would also have been in the back rows of each section. That would have been the complete opposite experience of every outing we've ever planned. We felt that if we did this, we would have angered a lot of our die hard supporters. We’d hate to disappoint the fans who were seated in the back row 5 sections away from their friends. It's not easy locking up 1,000 tickets and we thank the Yankees for helping figure this out with us. The fact is our crew is getting larger and to have that many fans seated together isn't always a breeze. BronxInvasion3 THE PROS: - Cheaper tickets! These will be $41.50 per person instead of the originally advertised $70 - Seated together in sections 434a, 434b and 432b. 433 is already taken. - UNITED THE CONS: - Farther from the field - Probably can't catch a HR. We thank you for all your patience with this and hope you aren't disappointed with the move. If you sat with us back in 2013, these are basically the same seats. Either way, wherever we sit, if we're rolling 1,000 deep it's bound to be a great time.

The tickets will go on sale TONIGHT (2/5/15) at 7pm here on our website.


  • Worst buying experience ever. Can’t add tickets to cart for over 2 hours starting right at 7p.m. Now SOL on the invasion. Let’s Go Mets. But this was Bush League.

    Risky Bizz on
  • Hey,

    Is there any restriction on number of tickets per transaction tonight. I’m on the hook for our bar looking for 16. Thanks

    richie on
  • LGM

    F the yankmees

    Bill Newman on
  • What’s the limit on tickets that can be purchased together ?

    Tom Connelly on

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