BronxInvasion3_soldout   That was ugly! We apologize to all of you who had cart issues. We were closely watching the sales and honestly the 1,000 tickets could have sold out in the first 5 minutes. If we had 2,000 tickets we believe they'd have sold out as well. WE ALREADY CONTACTED THE YANKEES ABOUT ACQUIRING MORE TICKETS. We'll keep you posted on that as we know. When we released our Opening Day tickets in October this same issue arose and we were told by the cart host that the problem was since fixed. Our next sale (May 16th game) had no issues, but was also not in as high of a demand as this "Bronx Invasion". We totally understand that some of you were on the site at exactly 7pm and still could not get through. We have absolutely no explanation why that would be and agree it is totally unacceptable. We are getting to the bottom of it now and if this is something that can't absolutely be corrected, we'll have to find a better system that can handle it. Simple fact is we have two employees and the other 353 days a year (we have 12 outings) our site works completely fine for what we need. To get a Ticketmaster or StubHub style site would be great, but for the time being we aren't to that level. If that is the only solution though, we'll have to do it. We really are doing the best we can to make you all happy. It's never our intention to anger anyone who is trying to support us and the team. This is supposed to be a fun brand and none of us want you to be upset. Please have faith in us as we try to fix this and make it right. Hopefully we can grab more tickets and all of you who missed out can still join. My sincere apologies. -Darren
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  • I was at my computer waiting for 7:00—- and nothing happenned. When the sale came up it would not load anything into the cart… I kept trying and trying and then 1 went in…. I tried to update the total to 7 but it kept changing to 1. I kept at it and eventually it went to 2 but no more. I then tried a different size and counted my blesdings at 3. I went to s laptop, my phone but no luck. It just kept telling me my cart was empty. I tried til it was sold out. Wasnt pretty!

    Linda Castaldi on
  • Darren,
    Why not drop the shirt part of the order and just have people order tickets. Then those who pay with PayPal can include a message as to what size shirts they need, and everyone else can send an email with order # and shirt sizes needed. Just a thought.


    Tom Vereline on
  • Its tough. Hard to justify a huge expensive back end for a few sales a year. Hopefully someday you can justify the expenses to maintain a huge system. There has to be a one time use option somewhere, maybe I’ll look around at what kinda of options are out there. Anyway I’ll get to an outting eventually. Have fun and LGM

    Rob on
  • We had 5 tickets in our cart and lost them!

    Scott Gabel on
  • Man I really hope you guys get more seats or an entire other section cause My Bro has NEVER been to a Mets/Yanks game in his life and is coming up from Texas with his girlfriend to see one. I would love it if we could make it into this section. Please keep us posted.

    Nando on
  • Thanks for the open and honest post Darren. I wasn’t able to get tickets last night but I understand your conundrum. The one downside of your site doing so well. Even if I can’t make it because this event was so popular it sold out in 5 minutes I’m still super pumped that it’s happening. It’s awesome that you organized an event for 1000 crazy mets fans that all want to invade the Bronx together.

    Chris on
  • Hey! My name is ZACH I placed an order for bronx invasion , my problem is I ordered a female large, and I really need a men’s large , I clicked add to cart for bout 30 mins till I got 2 tix , I understand their was a lot of craziness.
    Btw Darren I used to work for mets at champions club , used to see you their ! Glad this is working for ya and thank you for
    Your time.


    Zachary slatnick on
  • Thanks for that. This kind of response goes s long way towards making things right. Even if you can’t get more tickets, you’ll learn from this and be stronger for it.

    I hope you get more tickets and the cart issues resolved, as I was very excited to attend this event, but was one of those who frantically tried to work around the cart issues for 2 hours.

    Best of luck.

    Kyle Ingrelli on
  • Thanks for the response , hopefully you guys can get that issue squared away .I must admit it was frustrating being at work and on the site at the same time to make sure I would get tickets but after 2 and a half hours of trying no luck . Hopefully you can get more tickets and fix the prob with the website cart .
    #LGM#StayTrue #The7lineArmy

    alex salcedo on

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