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Yankees_BX3   GOOD NEWS! We locked up 300 more tickets for the Bronx Invasion! THE TICKETS WILL GO UP TONIGHT (Tuesday 2/10) AT 7PM. CLICK HERE FOR THE LISTING. These seats are in 433 which is a NO ALCOHOL section. The other tickets we sold last Thursday are located directly to the right and left of this one. PLEASE REMEMBER. If you are buying these tickets, you are aware that this is a no alcohol section. Their stadium, their rules and we have to abide by them. We have a great track record and we hope you'll help keep it that way. You can drink beers down near the concession area, but no alcohol may be brought up to this section. Please keep that in mind when buying and play by the rules when you get to the game. In 2013 we rolled with three hundred, last year was five hundred and our goal for this year was a thousand. With the addition of these 300 this will bring our total to THIRTEEN HUNDRED tickets. That is absolutely CRAZY.


Technically since 1,000 tickets sold it wasn't broken, but we did tweak a couple things. We added a special alert that will inform you of what is going on if you can't add products to your cart. If another shopper already has what you're trying to buy in their cart, the product will be unavailable to add. We totally understand how frustrating that must have been for some of you. Sorry again. Since supply is very limited, we'll be eliminating the women's sizes on this sale of 300. That will cut down on available options and will hopefully help you check out faster. You can request the shirt size be changed to a women's size afterwards by shooting us an e-mail with your transaction number. Are there going to be disappointed people? Unfortunately, yes. That is inevitable when the demand is far greater than the supply. Fact is this is a very hot ticket and when everyone goes to the site at the exact same time, it's basically a race to see who can get items in their cart first.



    Linda Petro on
  • Hello, so you are saying that if I put all of one size shirts in my order I could e-mail you & change the sizes afterwards? If so that would be Great because I tried for over an hour & a half last week.


    Rick on
  • I want to hang with the 7line mets fan 47yrs
    What are ur prices from ATOZ pls let me know.

    Hector on

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