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UPDATE (2/3/15 at 9:30pm): From reading the comments below the LOWER SECTION was the overwhelming winner. Tickets will be available in May. An on sale date will be established in the near future. Join our mailing list to stay in the loop. 

___________________________________________________ Ok guys! The time has come to decide where we're gonna sit this August in Baltimore. We've worked out a couple options with our ticket rep. We aren't sure how many fans will be joining us, so the number of seats and the price will be a factor here. We can be much closer to the field, with less seats and pay a little more OR go upstairs with an extra 300+ additional fans, be further from the action, but save a little money. Unlike some of the other outings we won't be able to add more seats. If the section with 700 sells out instantly, that'll be it. Really tough call. Keep in mind this game also lands on a Tuesday. This will be a first for us, so we have no idea how to gauge interest. What do ya think? Please take a second to comment below with your thoughts. Thank you!


  • Lower level!

    Pete McNally on
  • Lower level to yell at the loser left fielder

    Bobby on
  • Lower Level would be better. And on a Tuesday getting 1000 people down to Baltimore might be difficult.

    Zane on
  • Lower Level.

    AJ on
  • closer to the field!

    Angie on
  • Go with the 708 seat option. You’re on a weeknight so I’m not sure how big the demand is. Plus those seats will get the shade a little earlier then the upper deck seats. Lastly…the section to the right (of the foul pole) always is packed with O’s faithful so it will make for some good back and forth action.

    Darryl D. on
  • Lower level

    Tracy on
  • Pay more for the 708 tickets. I live in Baltimore, and the lower seats are way better. The higher seats aren’t bad, they’re just a pain in the ass to get to from time to time…

    Mike Saulo on
  • I think take a poll, but i know a lot of people want to go to Camden yards. but it is a Tuesday so but if we can fill 1000 seats i would go for the bigger sections!

    Allen Costello on
  • Up stairs. More people

    Kellie on

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