THE TIME IS NOW: Opening Day 2015

OpeningDay2015_shirt   THE TIME IS NOW. The time to put all the talk in to action. The players, the fans, the team, the press… we've all been speaking pretty highly about what this roster can and should be able to accomplish. Nobody needs a reminder of the teams performance over the last too many years. We've all lived it. As with every offseason comes new hope. A bright look to the future. A confidence in the youth we now have in the clubhouse and waiting in the wings. Are we claiming a NL East title and trip to the World Series? No. Nobody can predict baseball. What we're ready for is a winning attitude and more importantly a winning season. Confidence goes a long way and we have it in these guys. The time is now to put the wheels in motion. As fans we're beyond ready. We're loyal. We're eager to get this season started. Hopefully it's the one we've been waiting for. Our gut says it's going to be a very exciting season. This is the shirt we'll be wearing in center field on Opening Day at Citi Field. If you're sitting with us, expect your package about 2 weeks before the game. See ya out there. LGM!


  • Will these shirts be available for purchase? We missed out on the tickets but would love to still have the shirt. See you at the Bronx Invasion!

    Tammy on

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