Bronx Invasion 3

BronxInvasion3_new   THIRTEEN HUNDRED FANS! This is going to be absolutely insane. The “Bronx Invasion” started in 2013 with just about 300 of us. It’s now grown more than 4 times that. 2013: Mets 9 - Yankees 4 2014: Mets 9 - Yankees 7 Let’s cheer our hearts out and do our part to help keep the streak going. The players absolutely feed off the crowds energy and our LET’S GO METS chants can be almost heard from Queens. The Bronx Invasion outings are always one of the most electric games of our season, and with 1,300, we can’t even image how crazy this is going to be tomorrow night. A top priority which we like to stress every season, please be respectful. We’re visitors in their home and while we love to cheer on our team, let’s be classy. We always get a good amount of heckling. That’s expected. Just take the high road and let our positive cheering do the talking. We have a clean record. Let‘s all keep it that way. We'll be at Billy's Sports Bar on River Ave before the game. We're showing up around 4pm and we'll be heading in at 6pm to get through security and at our seats by around 6:30. The bar is fun, but the game is more fun. Let’s continue showing the Bronx how the fans in Queens get down! It's definitely going to be chilly, but please wear the event t-shirt to the game. The sea of orange is always an amazin’ sight. If you can, toss it on over a heavy sweatshirt. It looks great for our annual group photo. 11 straight wins! Let's keep this going! LGM! 2013: 2014: (13 seconds in is incredible)


  • Where’s t7l sitting this Sunday? Looking to be close. LGM

    Alex on
  • I’m hoping T7L is there on Sunday too. I’m going with a few friends

    Harry on

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