Tailgate Party!

tailgate   You're all welcome to join us this Saturday at Citi Field. The pig will be FREE for those sitting with us at the game (first come first serve). You're also welcome and encouraged to bring your own grills and set up next to us. Join the fun and meet some new friends at Citi Field. The more Mets fans the merrier. If you're not sitting with us and you plan to eat, please don't show up empty handed. PIG GUY NYC is arriving the night before to get things started. A 75 pound pig takes all night to cook, and it'll go really fast. We'll be meeting up with them at noon and the pig should be served around 1. PLEASE be courteous and clean up your mess before heading in to the game. Let's not add any extra work for the parking lot staff. UNITED WE CHEER! LGM!
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