ATL_tailgate   PREGAME MEET UP TAILGATE: We’re going to be in the BLUE parking lot at Turner Field by 3:00pm. LOOK FOR HUNDREDS OF ORANGE T-SHIRTS. If you’re coming, please contribute by bringing supplies. Grills, coolers, ice, garbage bags, food, drinks, cups... ya know the drill. For those of us who are flying, stop at a convenience store and bring something. Try not to show up empty handed. If ya absolutely have to bring nothing, at least offer to chip in. PRE-PAID PARKING: ATL local Mets fan tells us, prepaid parking is $10 opposed to $15 day of game. Get now to make sure you'll be able to join. Sometimes if you don't pre-buy, the BLUE lot gets packed out. Thanks for the tip, Kevin. BUY YOUR SPOT HERE Mets fans from SIXTEEN states are joining us for this one. In no particular order. AL, WY, GA, FL, NY, NJ, NC, TN, PA, SC, CO, KY, VA, CA, MS and CT will all be representing the orange & blue. That’s a whole lot of amazin’. Thank you for joining us. If this is your first time, you’re in for a real treat. Strangers become best friends by the end of the first inning. Cheer your brains out and have a great time. The game starts at 7pm. Let’s plan to start cleaning up by 6, so we can roll in to the seats together by the National Anthem. Let’s not leave any extra mess for the parking lot staff. We’re guests in their home. Let’s be respectful.


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  • YOU GUYS WERE FREAKING AWESOME LAST NIGHT! I was sitting in section 120. I knew about the clothing line but didn’t know you guys roll deep like that. I’m a New Yorker born and raised but I now live in SC. I want a do-over for Turner Field. Last night was one of those nights I wish on was on Social Media lol. All the Mets fans around me were pleased with your presence. Great job and yes its true, Mets Fans do have more fun!

    andrew on
  • I was at Turner Field sitting on Mets side near start of outfield grass in 12th row and stayed at Country
    Inn behind stadium. I was a special night to see so many Mets fans at the game. I talked to a few on the elevator at hotel after game and on way out of the stadium. I dvr’d the game and see that the Braves announcers commented on the " 7 Line Army" I did endure some comments from Braves fans while wearing my Black alternate home jersey in section 122. It was one of the more memorable games I have ever attended and I started 7-27-69 at Shea. This sounds like something I need to be a part of.

    Michael SanPietro
    Charlotte, NC
    (Ozone Park, Queens)

    Michael SanPietro on
  • Hi,

    I have been a Mets fan for decades. I only found out about the 7 Line Army yesterday! I was at the Atlanta Invasion and didn’t know it was happening ahead of time. Is there a way I could have an Atlanta Invasion T-shirt? Can they be purchased? If so, how much do they cost? It would be a great souvenir. I just subscribed to your mailing list. I grew up in NY and have lived in SC for 37 years and still a Mets fan!. I loved seeing the sea of orange in left center at Turner Field. Too bad we didn’t have more to cheer about. I understand that the 7 Line Army was clearly heard on TV. The thunder sticks were great. I look forward to hearing from you. Lets Go Mets! Luuuucas Duuuuuuda! lol

    Bill Jackman

    Bill Jackman on

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