Playoffs? We hope so.

Not to jump the gun here, but we do need a plan in motion if (or when) we make it. Our outings don't just happen overnight and there are lots and lots of moving parts we need to quadruple check. Is The 7 Line Army going to be holding down the Big Apple Reserve in the playoffs? For sure that has always been the goal. We are trying to figure out ways to actually make this a possibility.

If you've sat with us before, you know how it works. You purchase the tickets through us, choose your shirt size, and then we mail everything to you roughly 2 weeks before the game. With the short notice connected to most playoffs teams, that formula just won't work. We are talking with our Mets ticket rep to come up with a solution. We proposed a few ideas as to how we think this can come true.

We know how anxious you can get waiting for details, especially since this hasn't happened for our fan base in a long long time….. just know, we're working on it. We want to be out there as bad as you do. We've been supporting the team for 4 years now with these group outings, we just gotta be out there. We'll do our best to come through.

Sit tight…. and LGM! Ya gotta believe!


  • Count me in for at least 6!!!!

    Eva Sanchez on
  • YES!!!! i’m so in!!!!


    isaac on
  • count me in for at least 5!!!!

    Anthony on
  • I was at the METS -Rockies game on 8-12-15, I was sitting upper deck It felt like SHEA ,I felt the love. LETS GO METS!!!

    ARNOLD on
  • Hi Darren Thank you for making your dream come true our dream!!!! LGM

    dot mirro on
  • Can we pre-order the potential pre-order? You know these would sell out in minutes….Just want to hold my place to help shake the stadium like in ’06

    P Smith on
  • Hey Darren wouldn’t that be great the army at the playoffs. I just want to thank you for your dream come true!!! YOU MADE IT OUR DREAM. Not only are the mets amazing you are tooooo.

    dot mirro on
  • the mets are so amazing because they know how to make comebacks I’ve ben a mets fan since i was born and I’m not stoping. i met matt harvey and noah syndergaard there nice people.

    Marc Montero on
  • i hope we make the playoffs its ben 9 fuckin years

    Marc Montero on
  • Let’s go mets!! I’ve been a fan since 1965 and what you have made of the 7line is truly amazing. I love being at the games with the army. I’m old enough to be a mom to many and I admire how respectful you all are!! Thanks for your dream come true Darren, you made it our dream!! LGM

    dot mirro on

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