Denver Invasion Pregame

Come hang with us at the Sports Column in Denver this Saturday before the game! They're located just a fly ball away from Coors Field and we'll be getting there at around 3pm. 

They're opening the doors to us Mets fans, (which alone would have been cool enough) and also giving us a great beer special. Coors and Coors Light drafts will be just $2.50 if you're wearing our special event t-shirt. If you're not sitting with us, you're more than welcome to meet up, but your drinks will be full price.

If you're with kids, they welcome you as well to visit their restaurant. Plenty of tasty options to fill your bellies before the game. CHECK OUT THEIR MENU.

The game starts at 6pm, so we'll be leaving around 5pm to be to our seats by the National Anthem.

Let's pick up where we left off this past Tuesday in Baltimore. Bring the noise for our boys and give them a real away field advantage!




  • Nice meeting you at the game last night. My son and I are sitting one section over from you tonight. If you have any of those shirts with you, we would be happy to buy a pair. Going to try to stop by the sports column at 3.

    Tom Silk on
  • I was at the game with my husband and 17yr. old. We had a fantastic time from beginning at Pickles till the end for the happy recap!!! Love the 7 Line Army!!!!!

    catherine o'brien on
  • was at the game on tues in baltimore with my sis. we have been die hard met fans since 70’s.we live in virginia beach area home of david wright and michael cuddyer. was not aware of t7l till tues. it was awesome. would love to travel with the group on a trip when possible. yes mets blue and orange runs thru our veins, and our emotions on our sleeves. we jump for joy at the wins our hearts break with the losses. YA GOTTA BELIEVE IN 2015

    Russ on

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