What happened?!?!?!

It's a terrible feeling letting fans down. The whole purpose of this brand has been to always do the complete opposite of that. Today we had a glitch that unfortunately caused problems for a good chunk of you. The 7 Line Army games have grown in popularity and with the team deep in a pennant race, this final regular season game is hottest ticket we've ever had our hands on.

We did have problems in the past and that led to an upgrade to our system. All was going smoothly, but today we realized (very quickly) that it's time for another huge overhaul.

The listing went live at noon and by 40 seconds in all 860 the tickets were already spoken for in shoppers carts. The listings are constructed to allow users to pick their shirt size along with the event ticket. We like to give you that option so we don't offer just XL shirts. We want you to be happy with the shirt, and hopefully wear it many times after the game.

You might be saying, "that's impossible". We thought so too. We've had quick sell outs, but nothing in under a minute. Unfortunately, the event shirt part of the listing did not "turn off" and somehow some shoppers were able to check out with just the event shirt and not the tickets. By the time we realized what was happening, it was too late. Now, those shoppers do not have tickets to the game. Unfortunately refunds will be issued to those fans as soon as we get all the paperwork in order.

Some other fans experienced having tickets in their carts and then when it came time to check out, you couldn't, or the event ticket went missing. The only explanation we could come up is that other fans were already farther along in the checkout process. With close to 100,000 fans following our various social media accounts we had thousands of people essentially racing to snag 860 tickets.

We're embarrassed and sorry about this problem. Hopefully you can understand that we're trying our best. Sometimes you only get one chance to gain someones trust and hopefully yours in us isn't tarnished by this.

We will take all the necessary steps we can to upgrade our system immediately to eliminate this issue.

Sorry again.

-Darren Meenan
The 7 Line



  • Hey…if this keeps up, we’ll sell out CitiField one of these days….hey besides I work customer service and know the highs and lows….and besides I’ve had the same luck in getting tickets from WOR as well. LOL…no matter how hard we try…everyone will never be totally pleased….but keep up the good work…

    ED on
  • It would be great if you could sell those great " loyal to the last out" shirts so that even if we buy tickets on our own we could be in solidarity with the 7 line wherever we sit .

    Lenora Streitfeld on
  • $248 in cart at 12:00, then went to $0 for 4 shirts and $7 for shipping as I entered my card info at checkout. Can those of us that got shut out be first in line for the next one? Any chance of playoff tickets?

    Jay Rainier on
  • This may seem silly, but is the 7 line section one or two, is there a way in the future to open up another section to satisfy the fan base?


    Harv Sibley on
  • I work in sales and purchasing. What happened was unacceptable. But more than that, it was heartbreaking.

    But you guys do good work, keep in touch with your fans, and provide a great experience. Get those Mr Met Emoji’s in a Men’s M in stock and all will be forgiven. ;-)

    Go Mets.

    Stephen on
  • That’s exactly what happened to me, it displayed tickets and shirts and then after accepting my payment it only displayed shirts were purchased….Excited then Crushed!!! Hopefully this issue will be fixed for the 7LINE Playoff tickets!!!!!!!!!!

    Tony Munoz on
  • Maybe try selling only the tickets first …. then when the purchase is confirmed have us reply with shirt sizes…. there is always a few weeks or months lead time to work that part out…. it would eliminate all the changing… switching sizes and would make the purchase process a lot faster…..

  • I have missed out a couple of times now. Maybe going forward you can use some sort of a lottery system like the Mets use for playoff tickets. Just a thought.

    Andy Posten on
  • You are forgiven. No worries. Let’s go mets!!

    M P faso on
  • I was so very excited and then totally crushed…. A typical day in the life of a Met fan—— until this year!!! Well as long as the Mets keep winning I’ll be ok. I just hope you work out a better system for 2016!

    Linda Castaldi on

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