Nlds Sale

If you're on our customers list prior to our PLAYOFF DETAILS post (September 4th), you'll be getting your one time use unique code e-mailed to you TODAY. The sale on will start at 2pm ET. 


- Keep your code a secret. It's only good for one transaction. 

- Make sure you have every ticket you'd like to purchase in your cart before checking out. You can not get back in the site after your transaction is complete. 

- You'll have the opportunity to purchase up to (4) tickets for each of the (3) potential NLDS games at Citi Field. Any unplayed games will be refunded to you. Tickets are $80 a pop per game, plus any additional fees. 

- We anticipate heavy volume during this sale and expect inventory to move quickly, so we recommend that you purchase early. We also recommend utilizing a desktop or laptop, as this offer may not be compatible with all mobile devices or tablets. 

- Tickets are subject to availability. Good luck! 


  • So happy I was able to buy tickets, so sorry some fans missed out. Not fair that some of the ticket horders were crafty enough to get a code and are now posting on Stub Hub. If I had the money I would buy them back and give them to REAL 7LINE ARMY PEEPS! Off to pay the lottery now. ?

    JimmyC on
  • everything went by the time I got thru, so stubhub but its cool the organization did this for us. will they being doing this for next round as well ?

    Harry on
  • WOW.. I was on at 2pm on the dot and nothing :( I understand the demand.. just wish we could all go!! LGM

    LA on
  • Nice to see the true Mets fans already selling their seats on StubHub for $200+ apiece.

    Andrew on
  • Two friends logged on at exactly 2pm and there was not a ticket to be had. Anyone else experience this?

    Disappointed on
  • 2nd Try at getting tickets with The 7 Line….2nd time sold out in under a minute? Got on the site, used the code from the email, and all 3 games were immediately unavailable for all 3 games! Very frustrating!

    Jay Rainier on
  • Thanks for the opportunity Darren. This was very cool that we were even given a chance. I was on at exactly 2:00 and got a message seats were not available but I am not surprised. There were a heck of a lot more than 850 people trying for them and to get it you had to be very lucky. Everyone who got them enjoy it!! I will be at the Washington game for my first game with T7L and I am looking forward to meeting the Army! By the way, are the shirts going to be available to everyone to purchase ? I would love to be out watching the game proudly displaying my allegiance to the team and the best fans on the planet!

    Mark on
  • I’ve been trying to get NLDS tickets for last 15+ minutes and not 1 ticket available to any of the 3 games? Are they all sold already? Any reason to keep trying?

    Mike on
  • 30 second sell out??? my heart is broken

    cathy on
  • Tix were sold out 5 minutes before it allegedly started unfortunately.

    RCG on

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