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"Citi Doesn't Sleep". This was the Newsday headline on 9/28, the day after our first group outing at Citi Field, the final home game of 2012. It was a Thursday day game, the team wasn't making the playoffs (again), and 560 of us still turned up to cheer on the team we love. 4 short years later, we just pulled off a playoff sale though the Mets website. Unfortunately, some of those same fans down since day 1 missed the chance to sit with us. That's really really bad. 

We've now organized dozens of outings, and each one seems to be more popular than the last. This year 1,300 of us went to Yankee Stadium, 1,090 to Pittsburgh, 750 to Atlanta, 708 to Baltimore and 650 to Colorado. Each home game (9) we hold down 859 seats in Citi Field's "Big Apple Reserve". Most team supporters groups would die for this much loyalty. In baseball, there's none other like it. Don't get me wrong, it's an incredible feeling to have thousands of fans wanting to sit with our crew, but the demand can also lead to loyal members getting locked out and extremely frustrated. That anger is totally understandable, and I always feared this day eventually happen. Popularity keeps everything going, but it can also kill everything we've all worked so hard to build.

You and I have been dying to see the Mets back in a pennant race. 2006 is forever ago. When I walked out of Shea depressed after Beltran's strike out, I could have never imagined the next postseason game I'd watch in Flushing would be with 859 of you at Citi Field. That team seemed to be built for a nice little stretch, but we all know how that went. 

Our game on 9/15 sold out in 30 minutes, the 10/4 game sold out in 1 minute and today all three NLDS games went in what seemed like seconds. It's great that the Mets and The 7 Line Army have that much support, but the popularity could totally kill the loyal factor. That's bad. 

We are not in the ticket business. We are a clothing company 24/7/365 that also organizes a handful of outings. This year in total 14 games at both home and on the road were attended by The 7 Line Army. Next year we hope to do even more, but we definitely need a better system.

What happened today? The Mets were cool enough to sell NLDS tickets to just those fans who were on our previous customers list. That's incredibly awesome of them. Access codes were e-mailed to those customers and they had the opportunity to try and get tickets. Having a code didn't guarantee you'd get tickets, but everyone had the same shot at them. Fans were allowed to buy up to 4 tickets per game and we sent out enough codes to fill Citi Field more than two times. The odds were slim, but fans did get through, and in seconds they were gone. This is the nature of supply and demand. 

What about those fans selling the tickets on Stub Hub? Unfortunately we can't stop anyone from trying to re-sell their tickets. This was supposed to be a fun section filled with just die hard fans. We offered up the access codes to our customers as a "thank you" for being down with us all these years. I guess money is just more important to some people. Out of the thousands of tickets that sold today, only a small handful are up. It's crummy, but there's not much we can do about it. At least its a very small percent. Ticket brokers did not have access to the codes. This sale was strictly for fans. 

What's the idea to fix this? Next year I'd like to come out with our home schedule and offer the year as a season ticket. You'd get the same seat to every game and wouldn't need to fight the crowd to get individual game ticket access. We'd have a lot of logistics to figure out, but it should be a possibility. It's the best way to ensure that fans who really want to consistently sit with us all the time don't get locked out. If we potentially make the postseason, you'd be first on line to grab those seats too.We could possibly even offer a custom jersey to our members that you could only get by being one of our season ticket holders. One idea would be to add a patch to your sleeve with a "Since 2012" or whatever year was your first outing with us. It could be really cool if done right. For the road games, you'd get first crack at tickets before they went up on our site to the public.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to our brand and The 7 Line Army. We're doing our best over here. I promise to always do what's in my control to keep everything fun for us. It's really never my intention to ruin anyones day. Hopefully next season we have more options to honor your loyalty and make sure everything runs smoother. The 7 Line doesn't exist without you. We just had an idea, you all built it with us. Thank you.

-Darren Meenan 




  • I have to agree with Tom Vereline here. I am a diehard Mets fan, living on the West coast and had my first 7 Line Army experience this year. Best time at a Met game ever and I’ve been going to games since 1968. Next year, my plan was to make one or two more games, but the season ticket idea might shut me out. My own selfish needs aside, I think leaving ticket sales open to newbies would not deny them and could only spread the word. I like Tom’s ideas. Hopefully, there is a more creative solution to your wonderful conundrum.

    Howard L on
  • Any chance for an outing in KC next year? Mets play the Royals for their home opener in 2016. Signed, Mets fan stuck in KC

    Leslie Euston on
  • Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but what about a larger seating section for outings?? I’m sure the Pepsi Porch could be a great spot for all to gather or somewhere in the Left field landing? Just a suggestion to solve a couple, albeit good, problems. Keep up the good work! I love sitting with you guys!

    Jonny A. on
  • Darren….not your fault. Simply the forces of supply and demand at work and way beyond your control. I went with the 7 Line last year to Citizen`s Bank Park, and got my e-mail code for the sale. That shows that you value your supporters and that is all I need to know. Will continue to proudly wear my 7 Line shirts and hoping to see all loyal Met fans at the 2015 World Series Champions Parade early November ! LGM !!!!

    Bill Tousius on
  • We all appreciate your efforts. The only Mets games I go to nowadays are 7Line games. Always have a blast! Keep up the good work.

    Chrissy on
  • That ? was a smiley face emoji… Lol

    Sallie on
  • That first outing in 2012 was by far one of my favorite games at Citi Field ever. Those outings and Mets Twitter are the reason I have made so many long lasting friendships and have reignited my love for this team, win or lose. I have always loved this team, but back in 2012, you helped make it fun again and for that I will be forever grateful.

    I don’t go to many anymore only bc I am a full season ticket holder now and the road trips are hard for me w work and my girls, (except the Bronx Invasion, I love that…), but I applaud you all the way and I cheer w you guys from the 514 every time! I even try my hardest to be at the game when you are doing an outing so I can visit and say hi to my pals.

    I received a code for being a long time customer, and I actually tried to get tickets even though I had already secured my own seats bc I would LOVE to sit with you guys during the playoffs!! I thought, how cool would THAT be?! But I wasn’t able to get any and I was fine with that bc I was glad other fans that didn’t have an opportunity to buy tix could. Because of you. That’s pretty cool.
    I think that the way YOU took the initiative to get a meeting with the Mets to make this even possible is in itself amazin’! I love how you truly try to stay true to the fans bc you are one.

    I’m proud of how you make things like this even possible and how you handle yourself amongst so much criticism and you should be too. I’m proud to be a member of The7Line Army and to call you my friend. ?
    Sallie on
  • Great job and keep your head up – you gave the opportunity for folks who have supported the 7Line to get a better shot at playoff tickets than they would have had elsewhere. Nothing at all to apologize for. Hopefully most who bought tickets are true fans who will bring it during the playoffs. If a few bad apples who scalped their tickets slipped thru, you can’t let that ruin the spirit of your efforts. If we let the few bad apples in each endeavor dictate what we strive to do, we’d all do nothing .

    JJ on
  • Great to hear how quickly it sold out. The only problem I can see with your season ticket plan is that the outings have become so popular, I could see you selling 800+ season tickets. Then there’d be no room for newcomers to the 7 Line Army, and that would be a shame. Someone who goes to one or two 7 Line outings is no less loyal a fan than someone who goes to 8 of them. I love sitting with you guys (did 3 this year…Bronx Invasion, Pitt, and the fedora game), but as a family of 4 I’m also sometimes looking for the cheapest way into the stadium, such as using the McDonald’s BOGO coupom this past Monday night. Perhaps instead of a season ticket, you could do an outing or two only open to people who have done a certain amount of outings in the past. Just a thought.

    Tom Vereline on
  • Can’t wait for season tickets!

    Michael B on

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