Load up.

Get your shop on today at noon! We're restocking the STRAIGHT OUTTA QUEENS hat and releasing the 4th installment of our Neon Collection. The RUNNER is the latest version and the supply on this first run is pretty limited. 

We held back a small amount of TAKE BACK NEW YORK towels from our Citi Field inventory to offer up to those fans who can't make it to a game. Not sure how long these will last. Act fast. 

The "Mets Fans Have More Fun" tees and tanks will be back as well. For how long? Not sure. This is our 4th batch of them already. They FLY. Super soft, great fit, vintage look. 

Our EAT, SLEEP, METS, REPEAT design has been in heavy rotation since last season, and it's still just as popular. It's an easy sentiment to get behind and fitting for most of us who live and die by the Mets. The ladies v-neck style is a brand new release today. This was previously only offered as a ladies tank top. Also available as a mens t-shirt

Lastly, They're Real and They're Amazin' has been one of ours for years. At least three or more seasons now. This one will never go out of style. A hat tip to an old Seinfeld episode and of course, our Mets. This one is a conversation starter for sure.


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