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If you're on our customers list prior to our PLAYOFF DETAILS post (September 4th), you'll be getting your one time use unique code e-mailed to you shortly. The sale on will start at 2pm ET on Wednesday October 7th. 

HOW?  You'll receive a unique ONE TIME USE access code from us. If you're a previous customer of ours, you'll be emailed the link prior to the sale.
WHERE? Tickets will be sold on with your access code.
SEATS? We'll be sitting in our normal spot in the three center field Big Apple Reserve sections (859 available seats). No ADA seats will be available for these games as those seats are already reserved.
WHEN? On sale this Wednesday October 7th at 2pm. Your access code and link to purchase will be emailed to you shortly. YOU NEED THE CODE TO PURCHASE.
PRICE? $110 per seat, per game plus any additional fees. 
LIMIT? 2 seats max per game. Get 2 seats for one game, or 2 for each of the three available games. Totally up to you, but all must be purchased in ONE TRANSACTION.
SHIRT? Since the tickets will be sold via they will NOT be accompanied by a t-shirt. We have a t-shirt or sweatshirt option available for purchase separately. It won't be mandatory, but in the spirit of how we roll, it would be nice if you wanted to match. GET YOURS HERE.
REFUNDS? Baseball is a crazy game and we all know anything can happen. If they end up not playing the games, you'll be issued a refund via the Mets. 
- Keep your code a secret. It's only good for one transaction. 
- Make sure you have every ticket you'd like to purchase in your cart before checking out. You can not get back in the site after your transaction is complete. 
- You'll have the opportunity to purchase up to (2) tickets for each of the (4) potential NLCS games at Citi Field. Any unplayed games will be refunded to you. Tickets are $110 a pop per game, plus any additional fees. 
- As usual, we anticipate heavy volume during this sale. Expect inventory to move very quickly. We recommend utilizing a desktop or laptop, as this offer may not be compatible with all mobile devices or tablets. 
- Tickets are subject to availability. As with any sale of this nature there are bound to be thousands of fans who will miss out. Our NLDS tickets sold out almost instantly and this sale will be no different. Good luck! 

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