I Believe

Been waiting all my life for a World Series crown. In '86 I was just about to turn 6. I obviously knew what baseball was, but at 5 years old you don't really have a grasp on what this game does to you as a person. By the time I did know, it was too late. I was IN.

If you're totally invested in a sports team, you know the pain that comes with strings of losing seasons. The highs are incredible, and the lows leave you questioning how it's even possible to be this upset about aGAME. Most of you reading this, know exactly what I'm talking about.

Now 29 years later, we have another shot at greatness. Those of you who did experience the Mets Magic of 69 and 86, I've been jealous of you for years. Hopefully we're all wiping away the tears of joy after just 4 more blue and orange W's.


- Darren


  • All of the 7Line fans looked fantastic In the stands of the Royals and Mets game on T V. Love those matching orange sweatshirts!!! Super show of patriotism … Go Mets!!! Fellow fans.

    Russeli on
  • Darren, I came to NYC in 1983 for college and discovered the Mets. Those mid-80s teams were unbelievably exciting and the 1986 World Series was , eh, amazing. It’s entirely possible that the Mets win all 3 at Shea and one back at KC. We were 2 games down in 1986 [and the Yankees lost the first 2-badly-before winning the WS in 1996 vs the Braves]. We have a great team and there’s every reason to believe we’re in for future great seasons with WS appearances. Darren, I’ll be thinking of you when I watch the upcoming games. I hope we all experience that World Series victory. Gotta Believe.

    SarahFiona Phillips on
  • Hi, Guys!
    Enjoyed you all at Turner Field! We’re diehard Mets Fans (native New Yorkers) living in Georgia but will make the trip to NY to support our team! Looking forward to see you all at The Playwright!

    Nelson and Yvette on
  • Preach brother. I was nine in ’86. I need this. LGM.

    Jimmy on
  • I was born in ‘87 and haven’t witnessed anyone of my teams win a championship. Loving the Mets, Jets, Islanders , and Knicks haven’t had many up moments. This year is the first in 15 years I’ve been able to watch Postseason baseball with my dad (I was in college in ‘06) and it has been so special. I wish I lived in NYC and could do more with the7Line. Thank you to all in The7LineArmy for making me and many other Mets fans proud. Let’s do this!

    Lets go Mets!

    Anthony I on

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