Help Sam!

Sam is one of the all star beer vendors who holds down The 7 Line Army section at Citi Field, and he's about to pull off what sounds like borderline insanity. 

Sam worked last night at Citi Field. Walking up and down countless steps all night to get you a frosty beverage. Tonight he'll do the same. 

Tomorrow morning he'll wake up bright and early to run the NY CITY MARATHON. Over 26 miles of torture, then will be back at Citi Field tomorrow night for work. Absolute madman. 

When you yell his name, he comes through for you. Now, let's come through for him

His goal is $3,250 and he's only about halfway there. Don't let him come up short. 




Below is a passage from our friend Sam. 

"I wanted to write a short thank you note - specifically to the 41 people within The 7 Line Army who collectively donated $931.20 to my fundraising for Oxfam in barely over one day after Darren shared my info on the blog. But I also wanted to thank those who favorited and retweeted posts online, those who said hello and wished me luck at the stadium Saturday, those who yelled for me during the race ("Go Sam the Beer Guy!" was clearly heard at least 3 times), and especially those all over the Citi Field complex - from the parking lot walking in, to the upper deck in extra innings, and all during the game while I was working - who gave me congrats and hugs Sunday. So this is a sincere note of appreciation, and a hearty "Let's Go Mets" for 2016 to you all. Your support and passion is noted, and very welcomed.

But, I can't just leave it at just that - so if you have a minute, keep reading. Because the donations to my Marathon run and the love that was exchanged during the weekend was just the tip of the iceberg of the thanks I want to offer to all the loyal Mets fans - those who are familiar with The 7 Line, or who have joined T7L Army at a game, or simply bought a hat or shirt or hoodie online or at the kiosk - and those who just follow your lead and make our house a bigger party with every passing season. We (the staff on game days) sure notice it. (And I hope I speak fairly for all my co-workers following.) 

While "The Army" was obviously concentrated in centerfield this postseason, I was serving beer on the 3rd base/left field side of the building during the game itself on Sunday, and my marathon medal and pin were noticed by hardcore Mets fans aplenty (throughout the playoffs, people were commenting on the pins - retire 31 and T7L proudly displayed above my name tag), and those who didn't even know about T7L had heard about me via Darren's post, which just shows you what a huge and supportive community we are - Mets fans as a whole. And while many of you know Mike Marshall very well - he is T7L's personal beer guy, after all - and many of you know Bobby Lee and a few others of us by name or by sight, and perhaps you recognize some of the ushers and security guards that work the CF sections night in and night out, we ALL know you guys. There isn't a staff member in the place who doesn't notice the energy created when The Army is in the house in force, and while not every beer guy can serve your section every time you come, we all want to - me especially. Not just for the tips (which are awesome and appreciated), or the volume of sales (impressive, to say the least) but for the vibe, and the fun. It's A PARTY in your section, and who the heck doesn't want to work in that environment. But now that it's grown, the Army is all over the building, on days you buy up CF, and even when you don't - hats, and shirts and friendly faces all around. And we recognize each other - you guys know us, we sure know a lot of you. I've got running jokes with at least a dozen of you, some who I've only served 3 or 4 times. That's how great the Mets fans are right now - the joy and pride and positive feelings in the building are very noticeable.

Asking Darren to share my marathon info didn't feel like a chore, or out of line - it felt like a natural extension of this awesome gathering of great people... who all happen to love the Mets. We just needed a spark to rally around, and T7L gave us that chance to get to know each other, and support important causes, and create a truer sense of community in and around this team. The thought I had about it all - while running 26 miles Sunday - was this: it's about much more than baseball at this point. That's just the jump off. I say it again, we're a community more than ever - Mets Fans, and The 7 Line Army especially. And you better believe I'm gonna do my best to get to a road game with all you amazin' fans next year, and work as many games in your section as my boss will let me. And in between, I'll keep representing proudly with buttons on my shirt, and hugs for every single person who wants one when you see me next year."

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