Stand tall!

Don't hang your heads today, Mets fans. The goal going in to every season is to end up in the World Series. Obviously winning it all is the ultimate, but unfortunately we came up short. Truly was an amazin' year.

NL East and League champs, promotions of Noah/Conforto/Matz, the summer of Wilmer, the return of Harvey, Sandy making moves at the deadline, Cespedes catching fire, David Wright fighting to get back with the team, Granderson contributing all year, Murphy playing like an animal in the NLDS and CS, 9 home outings with The 7 Line Army and trips to Yankee Stadium, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Baltimore and Colorado... can really go on and on.

What we're most proud of is the fans. Last night we stood together from the National Anthem until well after the last out. Cheering our team and celebrating their year. Be proud of yourselves, and be proud of your team. This was a look to the future.

Once we have our schedule locked up, we'll share it... but definitely pack your bags, we're heading to KC for the rematch in April.


  • I’m coming with you to KC!!! Need to support the boys in hostile territory!

    Danielle on
  • I have been to every Mets World Series. Win or lose I was always proud of my Mets…the team that I have rooted for since 1962. I have been euphoric in winning in ’69 and ’86 and shamed in 2000 (I was on the field and had to interview Yankees players after the win). ’73 I was stoned so more hungry than sad! Watching T7L at the ball park this weekend, looking at that sea of orange standing tall in defeat, everyone staying in their seats until the bitter end made me as proud to be a Mets fan as I ever have been.
    Than ks for what you do and LETS GO METS! SEE YA IN ’16

    Vinnie Richichi on

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