2016 Calendar


We totally switched up our calendar format for 2016! From 2012-2015 forty eight Mets fans made up our "Calendar Girls". In the beginning, we didn't really have a marketing direction for our brand and wanted to offer something different. The "Calendar Girls" idea definitely accomplished that. As our brand grew, The 7 Line Army is definitely the direction we wanted to showcase. We love and appreciate all of our "girls", but it was time to switch things up a bit. The "Army" is us and the calendar is jam packed with orange and blue goodness. CALENDARS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT OUR IN PERSON WAREHOUSE SALE ON DECEMBER 6TH. Join us for an outing in 2015? You're probably in it. All photos shot by Drea Ortado Goode with contributions from a few of our friends.

Thank you all, and can't wait until 2016!!!!

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  • Can I buy the calendar online I don’t see it anywhere

    Sue Brophy on

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