Spring Training Opening Day


Head down to Tradition Field to cheer on our 2015 National League champs! The road back to October starts in Port Saint Lucie! 

Package includes a ticket on "the berm", t-shirt, collectors pin, thunder sticks and a donation to a local charity. You'll be responsible for your own travel and lodging. We'll organize the rest. 


  • Can’t wait! Found you guys this year when some guy was wearing a badass Mets shirt at a Marlins game. I’m in! Thanks for letting us know! And yes, bring your merchandise!

    Tim Goelz on
  • when is this game to be played.. need 3 shirts large & the tickets package’
    contact me..407 731 6414….live in bx ny..

    antonio padilla on
  • What’s up T7L…..I’m a NY transplant living down in FL, due to my special needs child’s (4 year old son) rare illness and suffering from respiratory disease. The doctor’s said that the warmer climate would do him better, however they did not mention how hard it would be to be so far from our beloved NY Mets!!!!

    We would love to join the army over at Traditions field this spring to welcome our NL Champs! We were wondering if the reserved session would accommodate a child in a wheel chair, I know how much my son would love to be there. Please let us know so we can make our purchase and join you all.

    All the best ……Let’s Go Mets

    Cruz Family!

    Will Cruz on
  • Bring lots of 7Line Merch. We love you guys down here!!

    Amy Smith on
  • I live in Florida, spring training is sort of the only time, this transplanted New Yorker sees them.
    Except Marlens games. And I really want to experience the T7L experience.

    Christopher Porfert on
  • How do I get on mailing list?

    Jerri Cotter on

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