Earlier this week tragedy struck close to home, literally, for two of our friends. Cynthia and Terence, better know to most of us as Tezza, were the unfortunate recipients of a devastating fire at their home in Woodlawn. While both of them are safe, their house is in rubble and all of their belongings are gone.

Over the last few years we've grown to know Cynthia and Tezza from our outings at Citi Field. They're genuine people who would have your back at the drop of a hat. Now, we need to return that love. If you can donate towards the fund, they'd be forever grateful. No contribution is too little and every bit counts. 

Strangers or not, Mets fans are family. Together let's open our wallets and help two of our own pick up the pieces. 

As a brand, we've decided to donate a portion of our outing tickets from a future game to their fund.



  • I am so sorry for your loss but so happy you are both safe and unharmed. I am not currently living in NY but I am a life long Met’s fan and will do what I can to help you. New York is in my heart and I bleed orange and blue. So you are family. Best of luck to you.

    Lori Friedman on
  • I am so very sorry for this unfortunate event. As Darren pointed out, thank God you both are safe. My prayers are with you both as you move forward from this tragedy. I’m a newly minted member of the Army and hope to meet you at an upcoming game this year. Hopefully by then this horror will be well in your rear view mirror.

    James Mullen on

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