T7LA 2016 T-shirt

Did you buy one of our Opening Day tickets? You'll be getting one of these t-shirts. They closely resemble the jerseys our 14 game members will be wearing. This was the plan to keep the whole section looking as streamlined as possible. The other home games on our schedule will also come with this t-shirt.


WHY JUST ONE T-SHIRT DESIGN? Since we have 860 seats and 500 of them are taken up by our members who will be wearing our jersey, offering a matching t-shirt made the most sense. After experiencing our atmosphere in the playoffs (which did not come with a shirt), we realized our section is less about the shirt, and more about the experience and camaraderie between the die hard fans.

WHAT IF I PLAN TO COME TO MORE THAN ONE GAME? WHY DO I NEED THE SAME T-SHIRT?Technically, you don't... but, since our individual tickets sell out very fast, the odds of you getting through 14 times is slim. If you do join us for more than one game, you can kindly give your duplicate shirt to a fellow fan, save it as a backup or sell it. Your call. Hopefully someone else will be happy to have it. 

WHAT IF I AM A 14 GAME MEMBER, BUT STILL WANT TO BUY THIS T-SHIRT? This is the reason we aren't making the shirts different for each game. We didn't want our 14 game members to be excluded on owning the matching t-shirt. The event t-shirt will be available for purchase at our kiosk ONLY on our event days. They will never be sold online. If you want one, you have to hit a game.

WHAT IF I MISSED OUT ON A GAME BECAUSE THE TICKETS SOLD OUT TOO FAST? You can pick one up at our kiosk during one of our 14 home games. 

WHAT ABOUT AWAY GAMES? ARE YOU STILL DOING DIFFERENT SHIRTS FOR THOSE GAMES? As usual, all of our away games will feature a different special event t-shirt.

WHAT ABOUT THE RETIRE 31 GAME? For that game everyone will get a special custom t-shirt as it is not part of our season ticket package.

BOO! I LIKED IT A LOT BETTER THE OLD WAY! Change isn't always accepted right away, but something had to be done. Our games were selling out in seconds and those fans who could commit to them all had no chance to do so. Since we only have 860 seats available, and thousand of fans wanting to sit with us, we needed to come up with a solution. We feel creating the season ticket package (and limiting it to a little more than half the section), while still offering the rest of the section up on a game by game basis (with a matching t-shirt to the jersey) was the way to go. 


  • Do you have a price for the shirt? Should we assume the same as all other 7Line shirts?

    Mike Bauer on

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