Orange Citi 2016

Let's pick up where we left off. Join us in turning Citi Field ORANGE this Opening Day! 

Rock your best orange wardrobe this April 8th in Flushing while we cheer on the defending NL Champs! Good chance you have a decent amount of orange in your closet, so deck yourself out and join the fun. While seeing more T7L in the stands is always great, this isn't a marketing ploy for us. There's plenty of great orange gear out in the marketplace. Pick out whatever suits you best.

Odds are we'll never unanimously get the participation of the whole stadium, but starting in center field and working our way out can certainly help spread the notion. 

Our T7LA event tees are orange this season as is our 14 game membership jersey. Unfortunately there was a slight delay on the jersey manufacturing, but we've encouraged our members to join in on the orange out. A big part of our crew is unity and while it may seem silly, dressing alike helps bring up the excitement. 

Our event t-shirt will never be sold online. Those members who join us for a home game this year will get one with their event package. We WILL though carry a limited amount per outing at our kiosk just behind the section. If you'd like to grab one at a game, they'll be available while supplies last on one of our 14 outing days.

LET'S GO METS 2016! 

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