Tailgate, but don't be a pig!

The Mets, and the parking lot staff were awesome enough to coordinate the new tailgate spot with us and we don't want to ruin a great thing. Fun was had by all and we kicked off the new home season with a bang. Unfortunately though, the garbage left behind was completely unnecessary and the lot was left in really rough shape.

Please do your part to pick up after yourselves at our next tailgate party. We'd never ask you to clean up after someone else, just yourselves. If everyone does their part, they'll be no problems.

There was no shortage of garbage bags all along the tables and hanging on fences and bumpers. Next time please make every effort to bag your trash. Respect the lot and treat it as your home.

The wind and can collectors did add to the mess, but every effort should be made on all of our parts to make sure we consolidate the debris before heading in to the game.

Thank you and Let's Go Mets! 

(photo from Google images and is not an actual photo of the Mets parking lot)

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