Another Orange And Blue Original

Another Orange And Blue Original

by Ricky Diffendale March 01, 2021 0 Comments

V1- the Steve Cohen Era is underway
       and he was busy during this off-season
       And with the help of Sandy A.
       They’ve built a team that ya gotta believe in
      We’ve added McCann and Francisco Lindor
      Trevor May and Aaron Loup
      Albert Almora and Kevin Pillar
      Welcome additions to this core group of..

Pre: Jeff McNeill, JD Davis, Nimmo and conforto, and Sugar to save it
Pete, Dom, Jacob deGrom hey NL East it’s on...

C: This season...The New York Mets are for real
      They’ve got a World Series dream to pursue
       We’ll be rockin at Citi Field
       What a time to rep the Orange and blue

V2: Betances and Stroman have something to  
       And Noah’s working to get back on the mound
       As conditions in the country improve 
       The 7 line Army might invade your town

Pre2: We got Taijuan Walker, and Cookie Carrasco we’ve finally seen the end of the Tebow fiasco. 
The Paragon of Gary, Keith and Ron, hey MLB it’s on..

Ricky Diffendale
Ricky Diffendale


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