Cheer For The Mets On The Road!

Cheer For The Mets On The Road!

by The 7 Line March 04, 2024 0 Comments

As we did last year for a few road series, we're stoked to announce that we worked out ticket deals with seven teams for 2024. 

When the Mets visit the Reds, Marlins, Nationals, Pirates, Angels, Padres, and Brewers, you can sit in the same designated section with other die hard Mets fans. 

Are these official T7LA (The 7 Line Army) outings? No, but when you purchase through the below links you'll know that you'll be near other Orange and Blue Faithful. Click here for The 7 Line Army schedule. 

Take some pics when you're there, tag us, and we'll proudly share it. If ya wanna pick up one of our flags to bring, you can grab one here. If you plan a meet up somewhere beforehand, hit us up and we'll be happy to help promote it. 

These tickets do not come with a shirt. For our planned outings, we try to not blend in with the home crowd. We try to wear orange as much as possible, but that doesn't always work out depending on the home teams unis.

This isn't a requirement, but if you'd like to not blend, here are some suggestions:

Reds, Nationals, Pirates, Angels: Wear blue

Padres, Brewers, Marlins: Wear orange 




Field Box section 135
Friday, April 5th- $44.75
Saturday, April 6th- $53
Sunday, April 7th- $44.75


May 17th - 19th
$22 / $22 / $29
Sections 5 and 6 

Section 110
June 3rd - June 5th: $42/ $38 / $42
July 1-4th $42 / $38 / $50 / $47 

Section 105
July 5-7 $43, $45, $39 
$10 concession credit built in 

Marlins again:
July 19th - 21st $24 / $29 / $29 

August 2nd - August 4th 
Game 1 - Sections Field 128 and 129: $59.48 
Game 2 - 226 and 227 $58.45 
Game 3 - 226 and 227 $58.45 
August 22-25
Thursday $48, Friday $50, Saturday $59, Sunday $45
Section 137
Sept 27-29
Section FOB 126
$43 / $57 / $43


The 7 Line
The 7 Line


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