Come To The 7 Line Garage Sale!

Come To The 7 Line Garage Sale!

by The 7 Line July 06, 2023 0 Comments

We're hosting our first garage sale since pre-covid on Saturday July 15th at T7LHQ! Make plans now to come on down. 

Read all of this carefully so you're in the loop!

How? Place an order on our site between now and Friday July 14th at noon and make sure you select PICK UP AT CHECKOUT! This will act as your entry and how we can prepare for the turnout. We have a ton of SKU's and it's impossible for us to display our whole collection. THIS OPTION IS NOW CLOSED!

So wait, I can't just show up? You CAN, but you'll have to wait behind all PICK UP ORDER customers. Those customers will get first dibs on the free gifts and the other great in person discounts you'll read about below. 

When? Saturday July 15th from noon - 3pm 

Where? The 7 Line Warehouse - 175 Commerce Drive, Suite L, Hauppauge NY 11788 - GO TO THE BACK PARKING LOT

Why? Steep discounts on select items, free gifts, and to get out of the house

What will be discounted in person?

- Home Run Apple inflatables will be 50% off ($90)

- T7L Racing Stripe sneakers will be 50% off ($30)

- All jerseys will be $50! We have a collection of T7L jerseys from over the years along with some of the 1986 Mets racing stripe basketball jerseys. Limited inventory. First come first serve. 

We'll also have in person grab bags of $10 tees, $10 caps, $20 hoodies, and assorted discounted accessories. 

Will anything else be up for grabs? Yes, we'll have some Mr. Met chalkboards, Home Run Apple snow globes, Daniel Murphy and Cowbellman bobbles, and Home Run Apple Train light ups! 

The above in person options will be added to your PICK UP ORDER and count towards your total $ spent for the free gifts. 

I know this might sound confusing, but having to place an online order will streamline our entire process and get you in/out much quicker. 

So how do I get a free gift? You'll be able to select your free gift(s) from the available options, and they'll be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Shot/pint glasses, caps, shirts, koozies, tumblers, canvas totes, and much more. We're gonna hook you up. 

- Spend $25 or more will get one free gift!

- Spend $50 or more and get two free gifts!

- Spend $75 or more and get three free gifts!

- Spend $100 or more and get four free gifts OR pick one Mr. or Mrs. Met bobblehead! These bobbles are very exclusive and highly sought after. Limit 1 per order while supplies last. 

Shop now and we'll see you on Saturday July 15th! As always, thank you and LGM!

The 7 Line
The 7 Line


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