Help Wanted: The 7 Line Is Looking For Content Creators

Help Wanted: The 7 Line Is Looking For Content Creators

by The 7 Line February 01, 2021 0 Comments

From Steve Cohen to hiring a GM to acquiring Francisco Lindor to firing said GM, there's been a LOT of Mets chatter this offseason. The crazy part? There are still three months left until the season even begins (fingers crossed) . 

No one makes headlines like the Mets. Seriously though. How many other professional sports franchises find themselves trending, headlining homepages and on the front/back pages for the variety of stories the Mets do? It. never. ends. 

There's *always* something to talk about. 

With that said, we're looking to ramp up The 7 Line content this year. You might be most familiar with the brand for its must-have apparel collections and the sea of fans out by the apple. Those are always going to be important pillars of The 7 Line. 

It's also an outlet for the fan's voice and perspective to be heard digitally. "Orange and Blue Thing," a weekly live studio show from T7L HQ, has been getting better with each year that passes. The 7 Line blog has been offering up its fair share of takes, too. 

We've talked about this for years, but now it's time to take it to the next level. What does that mean exactly? Well, frankly, the possibilities are endless. We want more blog posts. More in-the-moment live streams. More videos. More of everything. 


  • Passionate fans who are locked into games and social media simultaneously
  • People with an interest in blogging, video work, live social hits and other multi-media opportunities
  • Go-getters who pitch stories and seek out projects
  • Creators who understand content trends
  • People who aren't afraid to put themselves out there


Obviously you need to be a Mets fans, but start off by telling us what kind of content you feel The 7 Line should be doing and how you can help make that happen. The more ambitious and fresh the ideas, the better. If you have past work to show off, send that along too. 

Have you written blogs in the past? Host a Mets podcast? Have a YouTube channel? Include links. 


1) Include a short video rant. Pick a current Mets topic, and keep it under 90 seconds. Pretend it's something we'd be posting on The 7 Line's social. 

EDIT: If ranting on a topic isn't your thing, show us what is. Send us video content that helps make you stand out. Shine. 


2) Write a blog post. A few paragraphs on a different current Mets topic as your video. Think more blog, and less newspaper. We aren't looking for the next Nobel Prize piece here. Keep it under 500 words. 

3) Include your social media handles. 

It's a tall ask, but we're looking for someone who can be a jack of all trades. The total package is hard to find, but try to stand out.


We'll take the conversation from there. 

The 7 Line
The 7 Line


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