"Hey Dad, wanna have a catch?"

This email somehow slipped through the cracks. Stories like this make our group what it is. Thanks for sharing, Eric. - Darren

I have said it a couple times already in person and social media, but thank you for the outing on Saturday. It was my first time joining The 7 Line Army for an outing and more importantly I shared the experience with my 11 year old son and had an experience he will likely never forget.  To me that is the most important thing.  

My Dad was born on Long Island and actually grew up not far at all from your warehouse. My dad raised me and brothers right and turned us into Mets fans. Helped thicken our skin a bit with the years of heartache!  Not to be too cliche but baseball always linked us all together. All four of us are now spread across the country, but regularly text during games and its like being right next too each other. I almost think my strongest bond with my Dad and brothers revolve around the Mets and baseball and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
When my son was born I in a way, selfishly wanted to pass this along to him. I bought him his first Mets outfit and hat at birth and took him to his first Mets game up in DC when he was 4. I got us seats overlooking the Mets bullpen, front row, and Jaden actually knocked our sunblock down over the edge and Pedro Feliciano had to throw it back to us. Maybe that is how he blew out his arm! Jaden still remembers that memory.
When I was able to get tickets to Saturdays game to sit with you guys, my son was pumped.  I do my best to give him the best experiences possible as we all want the best for our kids. The day was about him. I wanted to hit up the pre-game with you all, he wanted to try and get autographs. So autographs it was. Didn't get many (Reed, Blevins, Smoker, Salas) but placed the ball on top of his stack when we got home. To be able to stand that close to his favorite players..... the boy was in awe, it was awesome! He really wanted Granderson as he patterned his own swing against his.....maybe next time.

The time we had at the game, is one for a lifetime. He told me when driving home that this was his favorite game he ever went to..... so what can I say... but thank you for helping. To help make my son that happy means the world. He wore his event shirt all day yesterday and wanted to wear it to school today. He didn't care how much he smelled of sweat, he was determined to wear it. I made sure it got washed for today!

Either way, as an introverted person I was a little overwhelmed when we took our seats I typically do not warm up to new people so quickly. My son is just like me in that sense.  But it only took about an inning for us both to feel right at home.  Everyone was very welcoming, extremely nice and we high-fived, hugged, chest bumped so many Mets fans it was awesome!

It may not seem like a whole lot to some, it may seem just another game, but the experience I can share for a lifetime with my son is absolutely priceless and I am truly grateful. As they said in Field of Dreams, the one constant in life has been baseball, and this is bond I will forever have with my dad, brothers and now my son.  I must admit I tear up like a girl each and every time Kevin Costner says "Hey Dad, wanna have a catch?"
So thank you again for adding to mine and my sons bond and memories. We can't wait for the next time we can join up with the 7-Line for a game.  My wife already starting yelling at us as we started yelling at the TV during the game yesterday "Two Strikes!" and we then she started cursing us when we were screaming "Struck Him Out"  She is just a damn Yankee fan....won't understand!

- Eric Lipshetz from Richmond, VA


  • Awesome story. Gave me goosebumps. The 7 Line rocks. Mets fans are the best fans!

    Robert Rivera on
  • Eric great story, my first game with the 7 Line Army was last year on my sisters birthday, we had 8 family members and we had a blast, I have been to many since including last years Wild Card game and Spring Training outing this year with my wife. I have met so many awesome people and hope to meet many more. My next game June 13th vs the Cubs.

    Rick Garcia on
  • I love this story. My siblings and I are all over the east coast and we, too, keep in touch by texting during Mets (and Jets) games. We haven’t been able to make it to a 7Line game yet, but we hope to soon!! Thanks for sharing.

    Beth Wardley on
  • Left me in tear, feel the exact same way with my dad and siblings with out me experience with the 7 line. Nothing can compare
    Thanks so much for bringing all these Mets fans together and united we cheer
    Means a lot Darren
    Sam Ingardia

    Sam Ingardia on

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