Jerry Seinfeld loves this about the Mets, and hates this Yankees fan

Jerry Seinfeld loves this about the Mets, and hates this Yankees fan

by Tim Reilly April 20, 2021 0 Comments

WFAN is humming since the return of Craig Carton. For the first time in a long time, the radio lineup feels set. Through all of the station's changes over the years, one constant remains: Steve Somers.

Somers is far from your traditional NY radio voice. He's not brash. He's not strongly opinionated. He's not going to get combative with callers. He's the polar opposite of everything you would expect in a long-standing radio voice on the most famous sports radio station in the country.

His mellow demeanor, subtle sarcasm and well-written monologues caught the attention of WFAN's most famous caller back in the '90s. That's right, "Jerry from Queens" is a WFAN caller. Jerry Seinfeld, during the peak of Seinfeld powers, would call in to talk and vent about the Mets like the rest of us. Steve here, Jerry there, and you listening intently. It's my favorite sports radio bromance.

Seinfeld made his triumphant return to the Steve Somers show last night just as I got in my car for a drive. It was perfect timing to provide me with the perfect listen on the road. These were the biggest takeaways from their must-listen conversation:

1. Jerry likes the Mets "smile" culture

“When my friends and I are heading out to the ballpark, we want to see the smiles. That’s the charm of the sport, and you don’t get that in other sports. This is the visible culture of baseball that makes it the greatest game ever.”

Serenity now! The team is having fun, and so are we.

2. Jerry had no desire to buy the Mets

First off, he said his pockets aren't quite as deep as Steve Cohen's. Then, he added what the perfect scenario about being a baseball fan is:

"The absolute pinnacle of being a baseball fan is a seat, a hot dog, and a beer. Ownership does not make that experience any better, so why complicate perfection?”

That's gold, Jerry!

3. Jerry can't stand this type of Yankee fan

Outside of George Costanza, there aren't many people associated with the Yankees that Mets fans enjoy the company of. There's one fan Seinfeld could do without...

"The only Yankees fan I cannot bear is the moist Yankees fan – the wet-eyed, teary Yankee fan, who gets moist when they talk about the greatness!"

Please just yada, yada, yada over Yankees greatness in any conversation with me.

4. Jerry doesn't like MLB rules changes

I'm a purist, and so is Jerry Seinfeld.

“The universal DH makes me want to vomit in the street, but the extra-innings rule really makes me sick,” he said. “So the game is over earlier. Who wants less baseball” Not me! I want 18 inning games. It’s disgusting.”

George is getting upset just thinking about this...

Be sure to check out the full interview!

Tim Reilly
Tim Reilly


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