LGM 2017


The 2016 season is officially over and we sit here with mixed emotions. Disappointed the Mets only played one game in the postseason, but proud that they even got that far. Accepting that isn't a failure or "losers" mentality. That's life and dealing with the good, bad and ugly makes you stronger. Looking back at the year, 9 out of 10 teams wouldn't have gotten this far. Hats off to them.

Going in to this season we had the highest of hopes for the team. Due to circumstances beyond anyones predictions, that dream fell apart rather quickly. Almost nightmare status. As they announced the players on the field before the game last night, the ones with the loudest ovations (Big Sexy excluded) were out for the year with season ending injuries. Don't need to list them, but you know their names well.

Guys like Lugo and Gsellman, whom many of us didn't know before the season started, stepped up to the mound and the team came together for an exciting final month of the season. While down 2 games under .500 it could have been easy to roll over and accept this year was over back in August. They didn't. TC and the Blonde Bombshells pieced together what looked to be a very fun clubhouse down the stretch. They looked loose, they were smiling, they were winning series after series. It was fun to watch.

Now, our season is over, but we're never done. The 7 Line Army as a group is stronger than ever. Watching you guys bond this year was inspiring to say the least. While they weren't always wins, from SD to Yankee Stadium... we rocked em all. Strangers become friends and friends become family all over our love of the Mets. That is the proudest moment of all.



  • Never have I seen a group of fans for one team become a family as the 7 Line Army. My wife and I live in Orlando Florida, and it was our 1st. time with the 7Line Army at the Spring Training game. What a love for the game and for each other. It was our first time and it will not be our last time. Thank you for letting become part of the 7 Line Army family…..blessings and LGM 2017

    Carlos Bernard on
  • Met fan since 1963. This year was so much fun seating with T7L for all 15 home games,and the DC trip. “GREAT JOB”

    Joe D on
  • How can I purchase tickets for the 2017 season would like to purchase a few outings

    Miguel Estrella on
  • Looking forward to siting and cheering with the 7 Line Army again in 2017 Lets Go Mets!

    Frank Mitchell on
  • I’ve been a t-shirt owner and an admirer since your inception, this year after getting my first job, I was able to attend a few events. Between going on the support Harvey trip and the WC game last week, I realized my lifelong love of the Mets (thanks to my dad driving past the polo grounds in ’61 and reading a sign saying "1962, the Mets are coming) can only grow with you guys.

    So I just want to say thanks for what you do. I hope the 2017 season ticket package can be opened up for new members, because I’m all in!


    Joseph Sgammato on
  • Some of my family and myself are dedicated met fans for many years…we would love to be a part of the 7 line army for 2017…
    would you kind enough to send us information…
    Thank you and Let’s Go Mets!!!!

    Connie on
  • Thanks for the awesome message. Mets ’till death. LGM2017!!!

    Rodolfo Rubio on

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