McFadden's pre-game on Tuesday

We'll be pre-gaming at McFadden's this Tuesday before the outing. Since this game is on a weekday, we hit the bar instead of the parking lot. Too much planning, set up and clean up goes in to the tailgate's and a lot of us don't have time to pull that off after work.

Simply wear your '17 jersey or any of our gear that has a T7L logo on it. They'll hook you up with the special prices on any game day (Subway Series excluded).

If you're sitting with us WEAR ORANGE if you want to match with the crew. We'll get there around 4:30pm-ish and head in to the game at 6:30 to be settled in before the National Anthem. See ya there.

Cubs are in town. Let's bring the freakin noise. We're 5-1 with the crew so far this season. Let's do our part to make it 6-1.


- $4 Bud or Bud Light 16oz aluminum bottles

- $4 for any draft beer on the lines

- $5 mixed well drinks

Best deals at the ballpark. CAN'T BEAT IT. 

Drink responsibly of course. 

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