Mets Fan Vows To Wear Custom Road Jersey Until World Series Victory

Mets Fan Vows To Wear Custom Road Jersey Until World Series Victory

by Nick Giacone August 02, 2018 0 Comments

Meet Jared Allen. Jared is a diehard Mets fan, and like the rest of us, he has own unique way of coping with the hard times we’ve endured over the years. According to his Twitter profile, Jared had vowed to wear the same Mets road jersey everyday until the Mets win another World Series. He started this on 11/6/2015, shortly after the Mets Game 5 World Series loss to the Royals.

Well, today Jared just eclipsed his 1000th day wearing the jersey:

This is definitely one of the crazier superstitions we’ve seen one of our fans get up to, so we had to reach out to Mr. #MetsRoadJersey for some questions:

What prompted this?

Like every Mets fans, Jared was all in for the 2015 World Series. But like every Mets fan, some doubt began to creep in after the Mets dropped the first two. “It all started after the Mets lost to the Royals in game 5 of the 2015 World Series (which I was at that game and all other postseason games at Citi Field). I placed an order on a Mets personalized road grey jersey w/ 2015 World Series patch from my phone on October 30th while I was on the train heading to New York for game 3 of World Series. And that was when I thought, If the Mets lose to the Royals in the World Series, after trailing 2 games to none, I would declare myself to wear my jersey everyday until the Mets would win the World Series. It got delivered to my doorstep 4 days after the conclusion of the World Series.”

Jared was further inspired when he learned of another jersey streak he could take down. “I could potentially beat this kid named David Pehl from Holman, WI, who wore his Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers jersey for 1,612 consecutive days and his streak ended that same year, 6 months before I started the streak. He inspired me to do the same thing only with Mets pride.”

On his dedication to the streak and where he’s worn his jersey

Jared claims to “Wear it every day and everywhere I go.” Here are a few places the Jersey has appeared:

  • Spring Training Games

  • World Baseball Classic in Miami

  • Fenway Park

  • Cooperstown

  • The Today Show

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

  • NHL Winter Classic at Citi Field

  • Every Mets game he attends

The dedication is evident.  Jared mentioned he wears it to work, when he works out at the gym, and even when he goes for a jog. He’s made some pretty tough choices in order to keep the streak and his fandom alive. “I could’ve gone to Nova Scotia in Canada with my parents, but I chose to go to a Mets game and get a Mike Piazza bobblehead couple of years ago.”

On recognition and washing cycles

"A couple people have recognized me before and some people have asked me if I ever wash it,” says Jared. “I wash it every week or two whenever I’m hanging around in my house.”

There are a few things to take away here. First, Jared’s superstition is a testament to the diehard fans who keep the Mets community afloat during tough stretches. If you see a number 10 Mets road jersey with “Allen” on the back, buy him a beer and give him some laundry detergent recommendations.

Second, it’s a great showcase of a Majestic jersey’s durability. All the wear and tear, multiple washing cycles, and the occasional condiment stain seems to be no match for Jared 1,000 days in.

Last, something tells me he could be wearing this for a while. We hope he breaks every record he sets out for, and more importantly, hope he one day gets to retire it. Hang in there, Jared and keep that bad boy clean!

Nick Giacone
Nick Giacone


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