Product drop tomorrow!


We have NINE styles restocking tomorrow at noon. Bringing back a few of the old school favorites (Loyal, Seats, Game 6...) along with replenishing the LGM hoodies and 3/4 sleeves. Those sold out super quick a couple weeks ago, so don't get shut out again!

We're also dropping a brand new color for the BLEED and CRUSHERS zip ups. Inventory will go up tomorrow at noon. You should know by now, but...SET AN ALARM.

Lastly, we have this brand new Noah Syndergaard t-shirt. Artwork by Mets fan AJ Castiglia.

Besides being a beast on the field his off field antics and personality won over the majority of the fan base. His twitter feed and stance on "The Wave" made him immediate royalty. 

Why isn't it an "ACE" card? Simple, there's no drawing on an Ace card. Hence, the King. 


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