State of T7LA meeting

Tuesday July 12th at McFadden's.


Hey everyone! We are now FIFTY GAMES IN. None of this is possible without all of you guys and we'd love to hear how you think things are going. I've been talking to a few of the "members" recently and we'd like to have an in person open discussion with you all. Simply go over some things and then stay to watch the All Star game together.  

This is totally open to past, current and potential future members. We'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. The more open and contributive we all are, the tighter the crew will get.

Our group is truly the first of it's kind in baseball and we know you all have great ideas. This isn't a dictatorship, so we should all work together to be on the same page to make the group as great as possible. We don't have "rules", but I think we should have some simple guidelines to live by at the games. 

Anyone will be welcome to speak if you'd like to add something or voice a suggestion. Silly stuff such as "the wave" to more important issues like renewing season tickets and adding new members will be discussed. 

Doors will open at 5pm. Meeting will start at 7pm. All ages welcome, but anyone under 21 must stay in the restaurant area. 

We hope you can make it! 

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