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by Darren Meenan July 10, 2017 0 Comments

Well, another trip in the books. Not a W in the scorecard, but a fun weekend nonetheless. 1,000 Mets fans from 34 states ventured to Missouri for the Saturday game and while we took the loss, a fun time was had. Songs were sang, beers were drank and new friends were made. 

Instead of writing a boring post recapping the trip, I'll just highlight some of the moments in no particular order. You should try to join us one day.

  1. A lot of us were in town early enough to hit the game on Friday, and that ended up being the only victory of the series. 
  2.  Nelly wasn't lying about the heat in STL. Pretty brutal but bearable.
  3. One of the fans sitting with us, Ben Shapiro, tossed out a ceremonial first pitch. Pretty awesome of the Cardinals to allow a fan of another team to take part in that. A first for their organization.
  4. Pre-game party at Paddy O's was as the kids say, lit. A lot of NY themed music and they even played "Meet The Mets" a couple times. Good drink specials and cheap food. Very hospitable.
  5. Jim Breuer was performing all weekend at a local comedy club. A lot of us caught a set before/after the games. Totally new material and a lot of baseball content. Super funny. He also joined us for the game on Saturday.
  6. The Ballpark Village was pretty awesome. HUGE tv set up, plenty of bars and seating, good prices, cold AC. 
  7. You can drink on the street. There were random beer tubs set up outside hotels and bars on the corners. Pretty cool.
  8. The Cardinals fans and staff were awesome. Super friendly and were happy to have us there. Fun cheering and chanting back and forth throughout the game.
  9. The Hilton was giving out Mets stuffed animals to kids staying at their hotel. SMART.
  10. The "march" to the ballpark, although short, really fun. The locals faces were priceless.

Overall a really fun weekend. Thanks again to everyone who came out to support the Mets and cheer with us. This season has been a let down so far, but as usual we're making the best of it. Our next away game is in just 2 short weeks out in Seattle (sold out). We'll then be in Houston this September. A few tickets left to that one if you'd like to join.

We shot some videos that'll be part of this Thursdays "Orange and Blue Thing" episode. Check that out live on Thursday night at 6pm on FB Live.

See ya soon. LGM! 

Darren Meenan
Darren Meenan


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