Hello Brooklyn!

The day is finally here! We're about to storm MCU park in Coney Island with 800 orange and blue clad Mets fans. The future is right before our eyes, and amazin' starts in Brooklyn. The rain has passed and we're looking forward to a really fun day at the beach. 


DON'T FORGET TO TIP YOUR BARTENDERS! We got an amazing deal from the Cyclones, let's take care of them.

Drink responsibly.  


  • Gates Open: 4:30 PM -- That is when the two and a half four “open bar” starts. It will run until 7:00 PM. At that time cash bars will remain open until the seventh inning stretch.
  • T-Shirt & Cap: We will have t-shirts available ranging in size from adult small - XXXXL. They will be available for pickup in The Backyard. The shirts will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis so we recommend redeeming your t-shirt voucher early to ensure you get your preferred size. Caps will also be distributed at this location.
  • Entry: All tickets must enter through the Surf Avenue gate. Upon entry into The Backyard, you will be asked for ID for proof of age and be given a wristband for entry.
  • Drink Distribution: There will be a limit of two beers per person, per trip and a limit of one mixed drink / glass of wine per person, per trip. You will also be ID’d prior to each transaction.
  • Food Voucher Redemption: There will be two food stations set up in The Backyard where you will be able to redeem your food / snack vouchers. Vouchers will also be accepted at the concession stands on the main concourse, however we strongly recommend that you take advantage of The Backyard food stations.

Fathers Day Tailgate!

We're undefeated at tailgating. Get to the ballpark this Sunday 6/18 to hang before heading in for the game against the Nationals. 

If you're new to the group you're highly encouraged to hit the tailgate party. DIVE RIGHT IN. Introduce yourself and get the camaraderie started before we even get to the seats. 

We'll get there around 10am. (GAME IS AT 1:10), so try to be early to make sure you get in to secure a spot. The lot can fill up quickly especially since it's Fathers Day and attendance should be pretty high.

We'll be set up at our normal spot just past the train station platform. The MTA "Southfield Lot" is located on Roosevelt Avenue just next to the steps to the 7 train. Great location with plenty of room. Check the below map if you're not in the know.

Our season ticket members will be rocking their 2017 jerseys. If you're joining us just for the day,  we ask that you wear orange. We know not everyone was willing or able to pick up the jersey separately, which is totally cool, just wear your favorite orange Mets gear. Jerseys are still available at our kiosk behind the seats in center field.

We'll be filming some content for the "Orange and Blue Thing" podcast, so look for Darren and Brian if you'd like to take part.

Even if you're not sitting with us, you're welcome to come by. More the merrier, so tell your friends. You're encouraged to bring your own grills, drinks, snacks... but make sure you CLEAN UP after yourselves. Nobody likes a mooch, so please don't go rummaging through anyones coolers that don't belong to you. If you're feeling generous and you'd like to share, that's totally your call. Come prepared. 

Even if you're shy, try to say hi. We're all friendly. 

The game is at 1:10pm so prepare to head in around 12:30pm so we're settled in our seats in time for the and National Anthem. 


OABT Ep 25


Ep 25: "Sometimes you're the dog" 

Fresh off six wins in their last eight games, the Mets open a pivotal series against the Nationals, and the boys are geared up for it. How will the Metsies fare? Darren and Brian give their predictions, unveil the plans for the St. Louis pre-game party, announce bus details for the outing next week in Brooklyn and discuss details about the charity softball tournament at MCU Park. Plus Matt Cerrone stops by to talk about his new book "NY Mets Fans' Bucket List". All this and more on another night of good hangs. Grab some brews check it out! LGM!

OABT is co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni and we're a pretty visual show. Try to catch the live episode next week at 6pm on An "Orange and Blue Thing" is something that Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. The comments section turns in to a live chat room, and the fan engagement is super cool to see. Join us next week.  

We also post the audio after the live broadcast, so if you're more of a listener, check us out one iTunes. Subscribe to the podcast HERE and make sure to leave a review. 5 stars if you think we're worth it. 



To be a part of the show, send us a question for a future episode. We'll answer pretty much anything. Shoot voice (or video) memos to our email: 

Here's our latest episode. Give it a watch, like it if you do and share with your friends. LGM! 


McFadden's pre-game on Tuesday

We'll be pre-gaming at McFadden's this Tuesday before the outing. Since this game is on a weekday, we hit the bar instead of the parking lot. Too much planning, set up and clean up goes in to the tailgate's and a lot of us don't have time to pull that off after work.

Simply wear your '17 jersey or any of our gear that has a T7L logo on it. They'll hook you up with the special prices on any game day (Subway Series excluded).

If you're sitting with us WEAR ORANGE if you want to match with the crew. We'll get there around 4:30pm-ish and head in to the game at 6:30 to be settled in before the National Anthem. See ya there.

Cubs are in town. Let's bring the freakin noise. We're 5-1 with the crew so far this season. Let's do our part to make it 6-1.


- $4 Bud or Bud Light 16oz aluminum bottles

- $4 for any draft beer on the lines

- $5 mixed well drinks

Best deals at the ballpark. CAN'T BEAT IT. 

Drink responsibly of course. 

14 new caps!

We have 14 new caps dropping this coming Monday at 10am eastern! Our '17 Summer line consists of four fitted, four adjustable and six snapback caps. These 14 are absolutely the nicest collective batch we've ever dropped. Each has subtle details that make them really stand out. Be it woven tags, interior photos, felt patches, branded enclosures and more.