Opening Day 2017 tailgate!!!

Get to the ballpark bright and early to tailgate with us this Opening Day! Hopes are high and we're ready to rumble. New season, clean slate, let's party.

If you're new to the group you're highly encouraged to hit the tailgate party. DIVE RIGHT IN. Introduce yourself and get the camaraderie started before we even get to the seats. 

Gates should open around 9am (GAME IS AT 1:10), so try to be early to make sure you get in to secure a spot. The lot can fill up pretty quickly especially since this is the first game of the regular season.

We'll be set up at our normal spot just past the train station platform. The MTA "Southfield Lot" is located on Roosevelt Avenue just next to the steps to the 7 train. Great location with plenty of room. Check the below map if you're not in the know.

Our season ticket members will be rocking their fresh 2017 jerseys. If you're joining us just for the day,  we ask that you wear orange. We know not everyone was willing or able to pick up the jersey separately, which is totally cool, just wear your favorite orange Mets gear.

We'll be filming some content for the "Orange and Blue Thing" podcast, so look for Darren and Brian if you'd like to take part.

Even if you're not sitting with us, you're welcome to come by. More the merrier, so tell your friends. You're encouraged to bring your own grills, drinks, snacks... but make sure you CLEAN UP after yourselves. Nobody likes a mooch, so please don't go rummaging through anyones coolers that don't belong to you. If you're feeling generous and you'd like to share, that's totally your call. Come prepared. 

Even if you're shy, try to say hi. We're all friendly. 

The game is at 1:10 so prepare to head in around NOON so we can get to our seats in time for the opening ceremony and National Anthem. 


Rally Bus to DC!

Secure your spot NOW for the Rally Bus to DC next month.


For the first time ever we have two departure locations. You can choose to leave from either Citi Field or New Brunswick, NJ. 

The buses leaving from Citi Field WILL NOT stop at the NJ location. So if you have friends leaving from a different location, you'll have to meet them down in DC.

The bus trips are always a blast. Don't be shy if you don't know anyone, we're a welcoming bunch. If you are with a family or young kids, don't let the "party bus" deter you from coming. We split up before boarding and anyone who likes a quieter atmosphere can choose to be on the "family bus". 

Round trip from Citi for $60 (until 3/30)

Round trip from NJ for $55 (until 3/30)


Hoodies drop on Monday

The 7 Line Army members Ivery Black and Drea Ortado Goode teamed up on these fresh new photos of our "126th street" and "Stay True" hoodies. You may know Drea as our staff photog at the games and Ivery caught the grand slam off the bat of Kelly Johnson last year at Citi Field. We like to keep as many aspects of our brand "in the family", and can't thank them enough for taking the time to get this done for us.

The hoodies drop this coming Monday at noon and we have them available in sizes S-4XL while supplies last. 

We feel these are without a doubt the nicest hoodies in our existence and think that you'll appreciate the craftsmanship behind them. Patches across the chest and right sleeve and a sharp looking woven label on the pocket. Nice simple touches that bring the quality up a notch or two. 

126th Street hoodies:

Black and grey zip ups ($82) +$3 for 2XL-4XL

Black and grey pullovers ($76) +$3 for 2XL-4XL

Stay True hoodies:

Royal blue zip ups ($82) +$3 for 2XL-4XL


Ep 9: Orange and Blue Thing

Really fun episode this week. The guys welcomed Sports Illustrated executive producer Josh Oshinsky to the show to chat about the upcoming documentary about The 7 Line Army. Get a behind the scenes taste and details about the premiere party on Long Island next month.

As usual we get to our clip of the week (Sports Illustrated exclusive), follows, posts and newly added voice memo's (send us one for next week). Just two guys sipping beers and chatting about random Mets stuff. It's fun.  

Co-hosted by Darren Meenan and Brian Erni, we're climbing the iTunes charts thanks to you guys. Subscribe to the podcast HERE and make sure to leave a review. 5 stars if you think we're worth it. 


If you're on Facebook, set a reminder and join us each Thursday night at 6pm. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is something that Mets fans can relate to, so that's what they talk about. 

Here's our latest episode. Give it a watch, like it if you do and share with your friends. We have some great guests lined up for the season. We're just getting started. LGM! 




MLB The Show!

This is so insane. The 7 Line Army has been added to Citi Field for this years game. Drops 3/28 for Playstation.

Thanks to all the fans who kept suggesting it to the game developers on Twitter. They pride themselves in being as real as possible, so adding us to the center field seats just kinda made sense. 

Not sure if they added any of the chants, commentator dialog or K cards in there..... but no matter what the involvement is, it's damn awesome. Fans not in the know will be thinking "why is every fan in center field rocking orange?" and that's freakin' incredible. Someone has to update our wikipedia

Would be cool for '18 if random orange sections pop up for road games too. For continuity points of course.

LGM 2017!