Thoughts and Emotions of a Mets fan from every month in 2018

Thoughts and Emotions of a Mets fan from every month in 2018

by Tim Reilly October 12, 2018 0 Comments

The Mets season started off on the highest of high notes and took a nose dive really quick from there. It was an emotional rollercoaster for all that were loyal until the last pitch. Let’s take a look back at what went through fans minds every step of the way…

- Did you see Mickey Callaway’s appeared on ‘Orange and Blue Thing?' This guy is legit!
-    Now that Jay Bruce signed, what are the Mets going do with this logjam in the outfield?!? I guess depth is a good problem.
-    Resigning Reyes? - It can't hurt to have Reyes on the roster to mentor Rosario
-    I can’t wait to finally see Harvey, deGrom, Syndergaard, Wheeler and Matz in the same rotation
-    It’s going to be a two-team race with the Nationals this season
-    This is the year for the Mets

-    I’m fine with signing Frazier as long as he’s fine with moving to first base when Wright returns
-    Does Callaway go with a six-man rotation now that we’ve signed Jason Vargas?
-    Maybe Wheeler should convert into a reliever
-    Callaway and Eiland say this the best collection of arms they’ve ever seen and now I’m ready to start planning the ticker tape parade
-    Harvey's velocity is back! Maybe we should offer him an extension before his price skyrockets in free agency. 
-   With T.J. Rivera going down, I guess that means Reyes will start once a week. That's a good role for him.
-    Ramos, Blevins, Swarzak and Familia have us LOADED in the pen this year
-    I’m not sold on Brandon Nimmo
-    Maybe I should buy season tickets to make sure I get locked in for the postseason
-    Wheeler looks like the odd man out of the rotation
-   Maybe Wright is better off returning at first base to keep Frazier at third
-    The Callaway culture change is REAL
-    Opening Day, put it in the books!
-    Cespedes drives in 3 in Game 1, he’s going to be an MVP candidate
-    Swarzak is down but it doesn't sound like he'll miss much time
-    Solid first start for Harvey. He’ll build off that!
-    9 wins in a row?!?
-    We'll be doing this "salt and pepper" celebration through October! 

-    Maybe ‘The Dark Knight’ isn’t back after all…
-    We might clinch the division by the All-Star break
-    OK, Harvey will find himself in the bullpen after a few good appearances
-    There’s no one I’d rather see up at the plate than Asdrubal Cabrera
-    The bullpen looks phenomenal…with the exception of Harvey.
-    This team has World Series potential
-    I think I’m #done with Matt Harvey
-    Jason Vargas sucks
-    Jacob deGrom is everything I thought Harvey would become

-    Are Lugo and Gsellman going to appear in every game this season?
-    Reyes is playing A LOT more than I expected 
-    Nimmo is the happiest man in baseball
-    Is Swarzak still alive?
-    It’s time to move on from Harvey
-    Nimmo is my new favorite player
-    Down goes Yo…fuck
-    Send Harvey ANYWHERE but the Yankees
-    Nimmo is a core piece of this team for years to come
-    Maybe this isn't the best bullpen in baseball...
-    Did…did the Mets just bat out of order?!?
-    Why are Joey Bats and Adrian Gonzalez on this team?!
-    UPDATE: Vargas still sucks
-   This could be deGrom's Cy Young season
-    Thank god we got off to such a strong start
-    Is Yo ever coming back?
-    Dom Smith must be a bust if he can't beat out Adrian Gonzalez
-    The only person smiling in Citi Field is Nimmo
-    At least the Nats are off to a so-so start too. The Phillies and Braves will fall back
-    I wonder what it feels like to root for a team that isn’t cursed…
-    This might be the worst team in baseball
-    Send the Beer Guy and don’t ever let him leave my side
-    The only thing worse than the Mets is this ‘Prospects’ dating show
-    UPDATE: Vargas does indeed still suck
-    This Peter Alonso kid sounds promising
-    5 wins in the whole month?????
-    Yo is back!
-    Don’t you dare trade deGrom
-    Down goes Yo…again
-    Remember those first 2 weeks of the season?
-    At least we won’t be seeing the Nationals in the playoffs either
-    Did we really bring Yo back KNOWING he likely needed surgery?!?
-    deGrom now has me realizing how pointless a win-loss record is
-    I’m going to miss The Assman
-    Austin Jackson? So much for that outfield depth...
-    See ya in 2020, maybe, Yo
-    I can't believe I ever suggested Wheeler go to the pen
-    I got an idea, let’s call up Alonso
-    UPDATE: Vargas managed to suck in his lone start this month
-    While at an Italian restaurant: "GET YOUR PEPPER GRINDER OUT OF HERE"
-    *Googles Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease*

-    I wish I was as good as deGrom is at throwing a baseball at anything in life
-    I’d rather live through the dog days of summer without AC than watch Jose Reyes
-    The season is over, let’s see what Alonso’s got
-    I’m starting to see some potential in Rosario…
-    Why are they slow-playing Wright's rehab process in a lost season??? 
-    Where has this version of Wheeler been my whole life?
-    I can’t believe the NL East is coming down to the Braves and Phillies
-    Remind me why we didn’t call-up McNeil sooner???
-    UPDATE: Vargas should’ve put “sucks” on his jersey as his nickname for Players’ Weekend
-    Remember when Yankee fans said Severino was better than deGrom? LOL
-    I don’t think I could get through these seasons without Gary, Keith and Ron 

-    A Wright comeback might actually be real…
-    I can’t believe Alonso didn’t get a September call-up
-    Why are they slow-playing Wright's rehab process???
-    I can't believe the Wright-Reyes era teams from the late '00 teams didn't win a championship
-    If only we could get a re-do on June
-    Wright says he wants to play, let the man play!
-    deGrom is the best pitcher on the planet
-    Thinking about getting a McNeil jersey for next season
-    Oh my god, I did NOT think this was going to be a retirement press conference…
-    The dream of 5 aces is dead, but I’ll settle for 3 aces and Matz
- Ya know, this team has really turned the corner for Callaway down the stretch...
-    UPDATE: I do NOT want to see Vargas next season
-    Michael Conforto has the potential to fill Wright’s shoes
-    I can’t believe it’s really over for the Captain
-    What a way for deGrom to put a bow on this season!
-    So long to you too, Jose.
-    If deGrom doesn’t win the Cy Young, we riot
-    Thank you, David!
-    I like the Mets chances next season

-    Damn, the HR Apple Beanies sold out again.. 

Tim Reilly
Tim Reilly


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