Time To Vote!

UPDATE!!!! Over 6,000 votes were cast and it was still almost a dead tie.

We were informed by some fans that unfortunately some ballot stuffing was going on. Thanks for speaking up. Not quite sure how, but some of you figured out how to vote multiple times. Good thing is, we still have 3 days to collect votes. 

Now, sorry to ask you to do this AGAIN, but we set up a new way to collect votes. This link is set to only allow one vote per device.

Since there was no clear favorite, this poll will decide the winner.

We have two available options for The 7 Line Army's 2017 jersey, and we are super excited to give you the voice to choose while one we'll wear. These will be included with everyone's season ticket.

We're still working on a "replica" style that will be available for purchase separately that should closely resemble the winning option. So, even if you aren't joining us for the season, you'll still have the chance to grab a similar version.

THE POLLS ARE NOW OPEN! Voting will end at noon on 11/25. Choose wisely!


Version 1 has an orange body with blue pinstripes. A little tough to tell in the photo. Here's a closer look.


Version 2 is a camo pattern made up of different shades of orange NY Mets logos. Sharp custom look.



  • i love the idea someone had of the camo in the front and strips on the back everyone will get what they like so no one is disappointed might as well mix it up a little

    jenna carballo on
  • Camo is all too fitting for T7L ARMY!

    Garrett O'Reilly on
  • The Shrits are awesome. 2 how can I get tickets? For 2017 please email back.

    Freddy Dominguez on
  • I love the pinstripes!

    Anthony Cambria Jr. on
  • Too tough of a decision went with the pinstripes only because I am not sold on the solid blue on camo. I will buy either though. Lets Go Mets!!!!

    Island Fatman on
  • Like the camp version with the NY logos. Unique design.

    Brian Denny on
  • Love both of them but the pinstripe wins by a small bit

    Paul Harmon on
  • How about a mix of the Two, like a mullet?
    Cameo in the front, stripes in the back?
    Also those of us who travel to the west coast games but don’t live back east should be able to buy these.

    Proud member of the 7 line Army away team since 2014

    Craig Gandolph on
  • I like the designs but there should be an American Flag on the final jersey

    Andrew F on
  • Always loved MET’S Pinstripes… So I’m voting for pinstripes!

    Lori Randazzo on

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