What should the Mets dress up as for Halloween?

What should the Mets dress up as for Halloween?

by Nick Giacone October 31, 2017 0 Comments

Halloween is upon us, and without October baseball to play, Mets players and coaches have some time on their hands to put into their costumes. Here's how some members of the Mets organization should consider heading out to trick or treat today.

Mickey Callaway as James "Sonny" Crocket from Miami Vice

A stud by nature, Callaway exhibits similar qualities to the Miami Vice detective. Like Sonny, Mickey displays a tough demeanor that's ready to work, but has also made it clear his main priority is to care about our players. In the coming years, fans can expect Callaway to bring swagger to our pitching staff, and steer away from traditional bullpen tactics if it means getting extra wins. Miami Vice is coming to New York, as winning a pennant will take some fine detective work. Plus, recreating the 1980s may not be a bad thing to bring back to Flushing.

Jeurys Familia as Indiana Jones

Let’s compare some of Familia’s seasons to Indiana Jones movies. His breakout 2015 is Raiders of The Lost Ark: an unexpected, yet marvelous revelation. Familia played the role of hero in so many crucial games, including the postseason, going perfect down the stretch in August, September, and the first two rounds of October. Like Indy, it was almost a sure bet he’d find a way to escape trouble.

Familia’s 2016 season is Temple of Doom (Yes, I know TOD was supposed to be a prequel, but for the sake of the argument, we’re looking at this from release chronological order). Jeurys gave us a team club record 51 saves, but boy, did he make it interesting. His saves lacked comfort, as did many scenes from Temple of Doom. Nonetheless, he was integral in securing our Wild Card berth.

However, there’s one moment from Familia’s 2016 season and TOD alike that will stand out: the ripping out of a heart. Familia’s surrendered the decisive, three-run bomb in the Wild Card Game, and it ripped out the heart of Queens. Maybe unfairly, just like the movie, one shocking moment define a solid body of work.

2018 marks the last year of team control for Mr. Familia. Can he deliver us his Last Crusade?

Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud as Jay and Silent Bob

The prospects fetched in the R.A. Dickey deal will dress up as two crazy, yet loveable smokers. Noah’s demeanor and pitching approach mimic Jay’s character to a T: Boisterous, nasty and hostile towards his opposition. Noah is the more recognizable of the duo, and it helps tremendously that they have the same hairstyle. Travis serves as the duo’s more balanced half, Silent Bob. They both wear backwards hats and don’t talk much, but do have their moments when they shine. Travis also needs the Jedi Mind trick for his bat. 

This is an attempt to resurface a lost rapport. Noah is used to pitching to Rene Rivera, but he currently does not have that option. If the Mets truly are happy with their catching options, this will have to work next season.

Sandy Alderson as Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek
Our leader in the front office, Sandy exudes the same intellectual, contemplative manner as Captain Picard. Alderson was brought to the Mets as a proven and well-respected GM, rebuilding a farm system, and bringing a World Series title to the Oakland Athletics. Like Picard, Sandy has been extremely patient and cautious during his Mets tenure. Whether you agree with his drafting, handling of veteran contracts, or deadline moves made over the years, he makes his decisions with confidence and only after he’s given them plenty of thought.

David Wright and Yoenis Cespedes as Men in Black

Let’s start with Yoenis Cespedes, taking on the role of Agent J. He’s younger, plays by his own rules, and is misunderstood. A bit of loner, Cespedes bounced around from team to team and couldn’t seem to find a home. 

Like Agent K, David Wright has put in many years in the Mets uniform, serving as a true leader. With this role comes the tough decision to hang up the cleats, as Agent K had to make in MIB. David’s last few years as a Met have been tumultuous and filled with injury. It may be time for David to ask for his memory wiped away, so he can begin his life outside of playing baseball. 

Happy Halloween!

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