Who are you, Carmelo?

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There's a face behind every cheer. While the sea of orange and blue unites as one until the last pitch, everyone has lives outside of the ballpark confines. T7LA has brought together thousands of like minded fans since 2012, but baseball isn't our only purpose in life. Obviously, everyone needs a way to fund their fandom. We do have some retirees in the crew, but at least 9 out of every 10 fans has a day job. What is it? What do you do? How did you become a Mets fan? What are you hobbies? Who are you? 

Here’s our chance to get to know each other a little better. We want to showcase the variety of people who cheer with us—accountants, artists, teachers, nurses, lawyers, court officers, students, entrepreneurs, soldiers. Kind of amazing in itself.  We can’t wait to learn more about your Mets experiences and your life outside the game. 

To submit your story, read THIS. Each week until April we'll pick a different fan to highlight. 

Next up is Carmelo from Queens. He's one of our passionate season ticket holders. Here's a little about himself.... 


NAME: Carmelo F. @Cfargas1

RESIDE: Astoria,NY

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? I am currently an New York City Police Officer. 

ANY INTERESTING HOBBIES? Other than watching every Mets game whenever possible, I love to fish. 

HOW DID YOU BECOME A METS FAN? WHAT YEAR? Since birth! My parents were both Mets fans and I never let them down.. Est. in 1984

HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT T7LA? Sept. 27, 2012. R.A Dickey's last game as a Met! I didn't sit with The 7 Line, but was at the game and saw them cheering in the outfield. I was like, wow that's awesome.

WHEN WAS YOUR FIRST TIME CHEERING WITH T7LA? It took me a while to finally get to one, but it was Mets vs Braves on 6/13/2015. Never got the shirt from this game though lol. I was given the ticket as a gift, and even though we lost, I still had a blast. 


WHAT KEEPS YOU COMING BACK? Feels like you're a part of something more than baseball. The 7 Line has become a family.. so much so I've even given tickets away for free to other members due to having surgery and not being able to attend games at the end of this past season. Win or lose you know you walk into that ballpark united and ready to make some noise!!!! 

ANY AWAY GAMES YET WITH T7LA? WHERE? I've gone to the Mets game at Yankee Stadium which is considered an away game, but my most eventful away trip has to be the San Diego game with Bartolo's HR. I was like a little kid jumping up and down watching that ball go.. giving high fives and hugs was just an amazing experience!!

FAVORITE OUTING MEMORY? That's tough because as much as I loved the Bartolo HR, I'll actually have to say even though we didn't win it all .. I'm gonna go with Game 3 of the World Series last year.. mannnn.. it was my first ever World Series game and to be a part of it and see them win that game was something I'll never forget.

FAVORITE ALL TIME MET PLAYER? My favorite all time is tough, but even though he went on and played for the evil empire smh, I'm gonna go with "The Straw Man" Darryl Strawberry. Believe it or not at The 7 Line outing for the 86 reunion ceremony game, lets just say I stumbled out the bathroom and ran right into him coming out. I'm 6'4 and he made me look short. Just wish I could of got my words out right .. I think all I said was like "oh shit my mannnnnnnn" in probably an annoying way! Complete waste of an opportunity to meet my favorite player!

SHEA OR CITI? I mean you gotta appreciate the fact as an older Mets fan you were able to sit at Shea and catch some memorable games. Even with the long ramps coming and going from the stadium, it was so much fun! If I had to really choose I'm going to go with Citi Field, it's seriously one of the best new parks in baseball.. so family oriented it's amazing .. plus come on... the food options are out of this world! (Big ups to Pig Guy) lol 

HAVE A BASEBALL BUCKET LIST? WHAT'S ON TOP OF IT? To watch the Mets win the World Series on our home field with T7LA. That would be by far the greatest day other than having my kids in my life!! Might just knock off my wedding day, but don't tell my wife that though!!! 

LIKE ANY SPORTS BESIDES BASEBALL? WHAT TEAMS? Passion wise there is no other team I love more than the Mets, but when it comes to another sport I'll say my 2nd favorite is football.. and team wise I'll say the Jets because they know our pain and struggle. I'm sure this will piss people off, but I always had a thing for the Cowboys too. They're winning now so I'm probably gonna jump back on that bandwagon lol.

ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANNA ADD? I wouldn't change much of anything except maybe one thing. During the away outings after the games win or lose, we should try to find a way to shout out a meeting point to after party. A lot of ppl travel a long way for games and would hate to all be split up after the game. It doesn't have to be organized like the pre game parties, but just like hey, we are going to meet here for drinks if you want to come.



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