Your Guide To Matt Harvey’s Citi Field Return

Your Guide To Matt Harvey’s Citi Field Return

by Nick Giacone August 06, 2018 0 Comments

Nothing to see here. Just Matt Harvey making his return to Citi Field this week. Months after the Mets had finally had enough of the Dark Knight and his shenanigans, he returns to his old stomping grounds as a much improved starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. All sides are probably behind the saga and just want to play some baseball, right? So wrong.

Even though Matt isn’t slated to toe the rubber this series, this is about as exciting as it’s going to get for Mets fans and the New York media in the second half of 2018. We might as well have some fun with it. If you want to cheer him when he takes the field, go ahead. If you’re still bitter about how he left things in Gotham, boo him until you’re blue in the face! We’re going to hear A LOT about Matt Harvey over the next few days. If you’re torn on how to react to his return, follow below for a breakdown of the major storylines:

How will he be received?

So how exactly do we welcome back Mr. Dark Knight? Do we boo? Do we cheer? Do we shout every four letter word in the dictionary?

The Harvey haters will get their boo on, citing the multiple clashes with management, the time he almost didn’t pitch in the playoffs, and the times he chose nightlife and revelry over his duties to the team.

The nostalgic ones will cheer, remembering his bulldog mentality on the mound, his mental toughness after returning from multiple severe injuries, and his vintage performances that earned him an All-Star Game start in 2013.

There will also be plenty of people who do nothing. His departure is still fresh in people’s minds, and many may still be unsure of how to perceive the Harvey era in Queens when all is said and done.

Controversy already?
The teams have yet to dress for batting practice and there’s already controversy surrounding Mr. Harvey’s return. Harvey’s press conference with the media is slated for a 4pm time slot today...the same time as Mickey Callaway’s. The Mets politely asked Harvey to move his time. How was this resolved? This shouldn’t be a big deal, but it will be. Harvey has a certain schedule to follow and needs to be with his teamma…..ehh who are we kidding? Harvey is trolling his old employers and his favorite NY beat writers.
There will be a tribute video.

The Mets did a video for Murph. Grandy got one, too. Reyes will probably get one at the end of the season. So yes, Matt Harvey deserves a tribute video.

Let’s remember - he provided us with some incredible moments and had us believing again. If the 2015 season was the peak of this latest Mets era, Matt Harvey was at basecamp setting up the ascent in 2013. Knowing how these videos go, here’s what to expect:

  • Harvey doing various acts of community service and charity

  • Highlights from his Major League debut in 2012

  • Starting the 2013 All-Star Game at Citi

  • Multiple pitching performances from 2015 season/playoffs

  • The ‘Bloody Nose’ game

  • Multiple shots of him fist-pumping after a big out

Here’s what #MetsTwitter will say should be in the video:

  • Picture of Harvey flipping the bird post-surgery

  • Harvey ordering bottle service at 1OAK Nightclub

  • Talking to the media about not being able to pee

  • Discussing his innings limit with Scott Boras

  • Arguing with Terry about pitching the ninth in Game 5 of 2015 World Series

There’s no easy way to approach Matt Harvey’s return, but Mets fans and the media have every right to be passionate about it. So let’s grab some cold ones and get ready to laugh, cry, and watch some semi-meaningful baseball this week.

Nick Giacone
Nick Giacone


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