Photo Of The Day: Shea Stadium Demolition

2/18/09: This photo was taken just after the last piece of Shea came down. I had to miss the actual demo, but went later on in the day. I was just watching a few different YouTube videos of the demolition and people were actually cheering after the collapse. "Fantastic... good job guys!" Looking at the rubble was bad enough, I'd prob have a tear in my eye if I saw that live. I feel like Shea was a part of my home. It's cliche and cheesy to say/type but I wholeheartedly felt that way. I could pass by the stadium once a week and always got the same feeling. To me it was like looking at the NYC skyline, it didn't get old. Sure the place had a ton of problems, wasn't always comfortable, the bathrooms stunk and some views were obstructed but it was a ballpark, not an amusement park. I love going to Citi Field. The amount of activities going on behind the outfield walls are great for families to enjoy. I live close enough to hit almost every game and it's generally a great place to be. However, like I always say, it will feel like home once we get a winning team. For now... it's just a place to watch baseball until the "new home" gives me that "old home" feeling. LGM!

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