Jon Rauch got a tattoo yesterday. Big deal!

As you most likely know Jon Rauch stayed back in NY during the DC series due to a problem with his elbow. From what I read there have been reports of "tenderness" and/or "debris" in the elbow, but unless you are were in the doctors office to hear the diagnosis this is all speculation. Bottom line is the Mets felt it was best to rest his arm for a few days to see the progress before this weekend series with the Yankees.  Now what he does during those few days off is his own damn business. People are quick to throw him under the bus because they want to analyze every aspect of a public figures life. Sure we want everyone in the orange & blue to succeed but if the guy can't pitch and is told to rest the arm what do you want him to do for the next few days? Sit in a dark room depressed? Rauch posted this photo on his instagram account which is also linked to twitter. I personally don't have any problem with it but of course some oversensitive Mets fans who probably have never gotten a tattoo were quick to talk smack. Some even posted blogs about their disapproval. I'll go ahead and let you find that if you're eager to read it. Rauch is covered in tattoos and it's obviously something he enjoys. Is he happy that he may possibly see a a DL stint or god forbid the S word? Hell no. Who would be? Maybe getting a tattoo is his way of getting his mind off things. Who knows. All I know is as a tattooed person myself getting his ribs done has absolutely nothing to do with his arm. He was told to rest the arm and relax and to tell you the truth I've had over 30 hours of tattoo work done... it can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Some people have even fell asleep while under the needle. Now if he was posting photos at the bar at 2am, sure go ahead and be outraged. This was in the middle of the day and while probably listening to the Mets game on the radio. Give the guy a freaking break. I'm sure he'd rather have been out there on the mound. On the topic.. let's also cut Bay some slack about yesterdays flu and scratch from the lineup. You ever so sick that you're throwing up? Yea, how productive would he be out in LF while blowing chunks. If he's gonna be back in the lineup I want him to be ready. Seems like everyone wants Bay to fail... he's on our team, get behind him and let's hope he gets that Boston swing back! We need it! LGM!

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