Born To Believe!

I love hearing about little Mets fans getting excited about baseball. We don't make onesies or infant merch yet, but the smallest we do stock are the Born to Believe shirts in size 2T. True to the orange and blue down to the shorts! Gotta start em young! LGM! Check out this email I got on Friday:
This is a picture of my 2-year old son who loves his BORN TO BELIEVE shirt. Whenever I let him pick out what to wear he chooses this. Since he is 2 I have to DVR the Met games and then we watch it together the next morning. I caught him in this picture right after David Wright hit the game-winner over the Phils in last night's epic win! U had him saying FU PHILLY when all was said and done. I think he needs a FU PHILLY shirt and I need a BORN TO BELIEVE shirt. When the game ended he had me take him to Dunkin' Donuts to take a picture with Terry Collins and that other guy. Just wanted to share...feel free to put on FB. Thanks for great shirts and for being Amazin' fans like us, -John Avitto

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