Update 12:00pm 12/9: So far we've raised just under $18,600! With $500 of that coming from one of the Mets players! Thanks for all the generosity. After the storm hit I knew I wanted to try and help those who have been affected. Raising money for charity seemed to be the obvious option. I wanted to wait a few days before releasing a shirt; assessing the damage and coming up with something that seemed fitting. The unity I've been watching unfold between New Yorkers has been heartwarming. Seems like everyone is willing to lend a hand to their neighbor in need. Most of us, myself included got off lucky. Now is the time to unite and give back to those who weren't as fortunate. 100% of the profits from this shirt will be distributed to different local charities who need it. Breezy Point, Rockaway Beach, Staten Island, Long Beach and other hard hit towns will receive money from this shirts sales. We know that other states have also been rocked by this storm, but as a brand based in Queens, NY we need to help our close neighbors first. CLICK HERE TO BUY A SHIRT AND MAKE YOUR DONATION! Lend a hand, help your neighbor, stay strong NY! REBUILD, RESTORE, RECOVER!

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