Fan mail: The 7 Line love connection

Darren, My name is Michael Cotterell and I am located in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia. I am writing you an email to tell you a little bit about my story. I was introduced to The 7 Line through David Wrights brother Matt whom I grew up with since I was younger and also went to grade school and high school. We became pretty good friends and being that I am a diehard Mets fan he told me about the clothing line this past spring. I know it's funny hearing of diehard Mets fans in Virginia, but the triple A team used to be located in Norfolk. My father took me to many games as a child seeing many many stars play on the diamond. My connection to The 7 Line now is stronger than ever. Through one of Matt's followers (Kylee) we both met through the hastag #the7line. We both started following each other on twitter this past summer and our friendship grew. Not thinking much of it we communicated back and forth on twitter through direct messages and also tweets. It started off as just two Mets fans sharing a common interest in a great clothing line for the fans and also the pure love of the Mets. In July of this year we became friends on facebook and eventually exchanged numbers. She lives in Florida keep in mind and I'm 14 hours away in Virginia. We texted and talked on the phone every now and then with baseball talk and etc. We eventually started skyping and planned our first trip to finally meet. I found this really bizarre that I could have possibly met my future girlfriend through a hashtag that was developed by your brand Darren. She visit me in Virginia in September and spend 5 days with me. We then started dating immediately after we were together a few days. When I was driving her to the airport that afternoon I told her this is the most incredible thing that has ever happened. I fell in love with a girl I met through your brand. I just got back from Florida Wednesday where I spent 8 days with her doing various things in her area and to meet her family and etc. You actually met her and her father at the last game of the year down in Miami. She said she spoke with you for a little while, but totally forgot to tell you our story as to how we met. I want to personally thank you for introducing me to my beautiful girlfriend and other half. If it wasn't for the7line then I would have never known her or gotten the chance to be with her. Your clothing line not only represents a brand for the fans and by the fans, but much much more. I really thank you for everything that you do for the Mets. I hope you enjoy my story and I will keep you updated with its entirety. We are most definitely planning on doing the opening day package that you are planning and I look forward to personally meeting you and thanking you. Thanks Darren, Michael Cotterell Diehard METS fan since 1987
Thanks for the e-mail Michael. Happy for you two! Save me a seat at the wedding!

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