Never Forget: Miami Ad School


  We started to see photos of this piece pop up on instagram earlier today under the #Mets and #CitiField hash tags. After some poking around we learned it was the work of Jimmy Morrissey and Evan Barkoff. I tracked down Jimmy and e-mailed him some questions about their amazin' artwork.  What was the motivation behind the piece? Why did you want to do it? JM: We actually go to Miami Ad School in Brooklyn. Our assignment for class was pretty simple - create a 9/11 tribute that many people can enjoy. My buddy and I (Barkoff) came up with the idea after realizing the Mets had a game on 9/11. We are both Mets fans, so we took the classic Mets logo and added the towers for everyone to see. We designed the logo and then made stencil but also free-handed what we could. How many people were behind it? JM: Six of our friends joined in on the project and we couldn't have done it without them. In the end it's obviously not about us. This was for anyone that came to the game to be able to reflect and remember the ones we lost. Did you get permission?  JM: We didn't get permission. Not sure if that's the right answer but it's the honest one. If anyone had a problem with it we would have stopped, but nobody seemed to see us. It will wash away soon, it's only spray chalk. How long did it take? JM: It took us from around 2am to about 5am. If the Mets would like to make that a permanent piece would you be willing to redo it in paint? JM: Of course, it would be nice to keep remembering throughout the year. We think a patch would be awesome as well. Stencil

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