Thanks for coming!

Yesterday was our first time ever opening our doors to the public. With the exemption of a handful of times we've set up in McFadden's, this was our customers first chance to see, feel and try on the shirts before buying. Online has been our primary business since April of 2010.

Being a Monday we weren't sure how many people would show up. We are located in a warehouse occupied by many other businesses, so this was the only day that cooperatively worked out for us. Sorry to those who couldn't make it. When rain was in the forecast we assumed even less people would show.

By the time we opened up at 11am well over 100 people were waiting out in the rain. We were pretty shocked. Passers were equally confused as we aren't a storefront and the building has absolutely no markings.

Who was first on line? A man by the name of Greg Packer. You may have heard of him already. Greg has turned waiting on lines, giving quotes to the press and being in the front row of things, in to a sport. He arrived 23 hours early and camped out. We aren't located in the Crime Capital of the World, but it's definitely not the safest place to be hanging out at night, by yourself. Top that off with the rain, 23 hours probably felt like days. To be honest when we found out it was him out there, I wasn't surprised.

In all we had a steady flow of fans stop in to purchase some last minute gift and to check the place out. Thanks so much for coming! It was a new experience for all of us.

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